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The best Photoshop techniques for facial Makeovers that you can find

As you know, with Photoshop help you can make awesome things. With great power, comes great responsibility so you must edit your photos with much care because if you overuse these tools, you will eliminate the human component of the photo. Here are 15 awesome tutorials that will help you in your journey.

1. Improve Skin Tone

2. Remove Blemishes

3.  Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

4. Eye Color Change

5. Face Makeover

6. Lip Gloss

7. Extreme Digital Makeover – Image Lighting Enhancement

8. Change Hair Color

9. Whiten Teeth Tutorial

10. Easy Digital Nose Job in Photoshop

11. How To Get Perfect Skin!

12. Add an Eyebrow Piercing to a Photo

13. Easy Face Retouch

14. Apply Eye Make-up

15. Retouchme


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