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The Best 9 Ads We’ve Seen In A While

It’s already common knowledge that you remember funny or witty things easier. We’re also more likely to spread the newest funny ad we’ve heard or seen to our friends and family, than a piece of news that concerns more serious or tragic events. Naturally, copywriters have picked up on this trend and strive to create and design ads that will stick with you for a long time, and ultimately make you buy their product.

Lately, humor has started being used as a strategy in the form of persuasive communication. We can’t deny we’re turning into a society ever more focused on consumerism. We have entire malls dedicated to shopping. We love to spend hours looking for the perfect item of clothing and we don’t seem to mind if it’s expensive either. This usually means the ad did its job and drew us in effortlessly.

If you find yourself humming the latest ad jingle you heard on the radio or using ad punch lines in your daily conversations, you can bet you’re hooked and you’ll probably end up buying those products.

Ads are everywhere nowadays and they affect us even if we don’t realize it or want to admit it. The ideal ad is not too difficult to understand by the target audience, yet it’s clever at the same time. Keep on reading to discover some funny and cleverly designed prints that surely stuck with the viewers and made them want to buy the advertised product.1

What better way than to illustrate how delicious cat food is by showing that even wise owls want to have a taste? You can be sure next time cat owners will go shopping and will browse through dozens of varieties of cat food this ad will pop up in their head and make them want to add Rutan to their grocery basket.


This as a great example of a clever print that uses the speed of a rabbit in order to characterize a car. It’s ingenious, clever, visually pleasant and it will most likely stick in viewers’ minds.


This car ad uses a dog wrapped up in its own tongue to illustrate the car’s incredible acceleration speed. You don’t need to look at the picture too long before you figure out what’s going on. It’s funny and pretty straightforward and will definitely appeal to all dog lovers out there.


Possibly targeted on male viewers, this ad is funny and simple. It manages to put across the main feature of the photo camera, the high speed auto focus in a witty manner that certainly stands out from the crowd. The humorous scenario will surely make many gentlemen chuckle.


This print is beautifully designed and very straightforward. Just at a glance you understand the whole picture. Your mind associates ants with sweets in a split second and the message that Chupa Chups is sugar free shoots home instantaneously.


A clever trick of emphasizing a product’s great features is exaggerating what it does. This ad cleverly used this principle by outlining how pedigree can easily transform a small, seemingly harmless dog in a ferocious one.


This picture doesn’t need much explaining since it speaks volumes on itself. The amusing element is given by the fact that a pastor should offer wise advice and soothing speeches and in this print everyone is huddled far away in a corner. The Listerine team really drove this one home!


Almost everybody will be able to relate to this funny ad that outlines just how important a GPS is, especially as a tourist, when you can’t rely on others’ indications. So Motorola seized the opportunity and advertised this cool feature of the phone through a smart print that will surely make many people smile and reminisce.


‘So light it’s floating!’ will be the first thing that will come to your mind when you’ll see this funny ad. The idea of lightness is so simply portrayed it’s hard to miss its meaning. And it will surely stick in your mind until the next time you’re craving for a fizzy drink and you’ll reach for a Pepsi.

Advertisements are designed to catch our attention within seconds and make a lasting impression on the viewer. Behind seemingly simple prints there are many hours of brain storming and research. The results are the above listed ads that are funny and manage to deliver the message in a clever manner.




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