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Ten Easy Tools To Create Your Website

If you wish to create a website but feel intimidated by the coding knowledge required to do so, we have a solution for you. In fact we have ten solutions for you. The tools listed below will help you create elegant websites without requiring any coding or programming knowledge.

1.  Imcreator.comIM-Creator’s founders initially started out to help their friends and family who wanted to create websites but were intimidated by the processes involved. So they helped them create quality websites by using a method which was quite simple to understand and operate. Later they turned it into a business. 


2. Website-builder.comThis tool has many free ready to use templates of varying niches. Whether you need an architecture based site or a business one, creative arts or fashion, wedding or hotel, music or portfolio, or some other niche, Website-builder supplies it all.


3. is well known for a company where you can buy URLs and web hosting space. But it also offers website creation facilities. It has easy to use tools for web design; hundreds of customizable designs; and if you are purchasing the website creator tool you will get a free domain name, hosting and some marketing tools. 


4. Squarespace.comSquarespace runs millions of websites across hundreds of industries. One of the things, Squarespace takes pride in is their own 24 X 7 Customer Care team. Their team members are experienced Squarespace users themselves and the company does not outsource anyone.


5. – As of writing of this article, 18,000 websites have been created with This tool lets you create your website in minutes and go live immediately.


6. – The company is in business since the past seven years; presently the tool is used by by 1.2 million websites to run their sites; and the website operates in 16 different languages. Their team is young and energetic which ensures the service is well updated.


7. – is an easy yet powerful website builder software which you can use to create your websites. It can be used both by beginners and professionals. It is pretty much easy to use. All you have to do is to start an account, edit text, insert images and use drag and drop to move different elements on the page.


8. – was founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2007. It is founded by the same person who founded the popular company Click2Customers.  Presently employees 60 people to serve a customer base of over eight million users of the tool.


9. – Perhaps one of the most popular website creator tool there is. It has BBC, TechCrunch, and The Wall Street Journal as its clients. The most attractive feature of this tool is that it lets you have a domain name (non-customized one), web hosting and access to its website creator tool for free.


10. – Their tagline says – “Free the entrepreneur inside”. This tool makes it easy for you to set up your business, project or passion online and then share it with people who may find it interesting. All their websites are optimized for both computer and mobile devices.



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