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Tea Kettles Project By Minimal

Sponsored by World Kitchen and endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America, MINIMAL’s 2009 TEA-OFF! Tea Kettle submission concepts resulted in 3 awards, including Instant Classic and Special Citation awards, and even lead to a patent.

The Magnalite Aluminum Kettle enables users to have a customized choice in which way they would like to prepare their tea. Whether its boiling water to use with tea bags, infusing tea in another container or simply preparing it all together in one, the Magnalite Aluminum Kettle enables this choice without sacrificing quality, usability or functionality.

The Tea Sleeve is a unique microwave-ready tea kettle that can heat up to 4 cups of water.  The vessel design itself uses a unique combination of materials — glass and ceramic.  There is also a matching stainless steel tea infuser, as well as a ceramic lid to help heat the water faster, and also keep the steeped tea warmer for longer periods of time.

Tea2Go is a microwave based tea kettle for on the go individuals who wish to drink tea daily, but who do not have time for a more traditional stove-based tea making process. It enables users to heat, steep, transport, and drink their tea, all within and from the same vessel, saving time, effort, and energy, while still offering a sensory tea-making experience. It is constructed of food safe materials and features an inner wall of borosilicate glass to prevent any form of taste or chemical migration.

The Pyrex Glass Induction Tea Kettle was designed for consumers who want a safe, fast and easy way to make tea without sacrificing ritual or tradition. The design combines state of the art patent pending induction technology with a glass vessel and an integrated tea infusion basket/filter column. Given the safety and energy efficiency of induction technology, the design is suited for any occasion where people would like to enjoy tea.

The Hot-T Wand is a cordless marker-sized tube that can heat individual cups of water for hot drinks like tea.  Just remove the Hot-T Wand from its inductive charger, submerse the lower half into a filled cup, and it will boil the water in approximately one minute.  A charged Hot-T Wand can also be taken “on-the-go” by slipping it into its protective sleeve, so you can enjoy the convenience of heated water at work or even on a hike.

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