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Superb Advertising Posters Made By Various Artists And Fans

Poster printing is not an easy job. You have to find the most intriguing motto, the best image and the right font and colors. Besides this, you also need to carefully use the poster’s real estate because there are a lot of rules and discussions related to the consumer’s psychology.

Anyway, long story short: doing a poster is not easy; doing a good poster is very hard. In this article you can see some examples made by artists hired by the clients from their posters, or fans who want to show their passions.

Spider-Man 2 Deco Poster

Portal the Movie

World Revolution

RavenSoft Rebrand

Koko Leaflet

Message In A Bottle

Welcome to Silent Hill

“Star Trek” Poster

Mirinda Raspberry

Pepsi Cinema



Legend of Zelda Movie Poster

Gambling Campaign Poster

WikiLeaks – Transparency

STAR WARS SagaPoster-Episode 3

DH – minimalist poster

 Bioshock 2





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