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Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography Which Will Definitely Capture Your Attention

I love long exposure photos because they often show a different world which you can’t see it with your eyes. A long exposure can show you the evolution of various things and how time affects everything. To obtain a perfect long exposure photo, you need to follow a few basic rules. Here are three of them:

1. Long-exposure photography is often used in a night-time setting in order to produce a near daytime effect in the photo. By leaving the camera’s shutter open for an extended period of time, more light is absorbed, creating a brighter product. If the camera is stationary for the entire period of time that the shutter is open, a very vibrant and clear photograph can be produced.

2. For light painting technique, a scene is kept very dark and the photographer or an assistant takes a light source—it can be small penlight—and moves it about in patterns. The light source can be turned off between strokes. Often, stationary objects in the scene are illuminated by briefly turning on studio lights, by one or more flashes from a strobe light, or by increasing the aperture.

3. Long exposures can blur moving water so it has mist-like qualities while keeping stationary objects like land and structures sharp.

In this article you can see 27 stunning examples of long exposure photos which will definitely capture your attention.


Poleg Beach, Rocks, Sunset


Path to St. Michael’s mount

Newcastle Beach

Soul Escape

Sundhope falls




55 Queens Rd

El Valles


Light painting



West Palm Beach FL

La cascata di Chia


Stromboli e la Via Lattea

Mauna Kea Observatory

Vivid Arch

Big Red

When in Panglao

Light Trail



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