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Brand yourself with StickerYou

Are you a web developer who is looking to brand yourself or your team? Or are you interested in easy ways to market yourself? Creating custom products like stickers, temporary tattoos, magnets, and iron-ons are an awesome way to show off your personality and build brand awareness. Here are some tips to help you:

Sticker Singles and Pages:

Custom Stickers are a great way to unite your team. Dev teams rarely take the time to bond outside of work, but having a branded die-cut sticker that represents your team can create unity between coworkers. Simply create a team design and hand them out to the new dev members to add to their laptop.

 If you’re interested in marketing yourself at events, you can use stickers to handout your contact information (instead of a business card). Web designers and developers are always on their laptop, so why not give them your contact information on a sticker that they can add to their laptop? This way, whatever you handout will not go to waste and everyone will love the added ability of being able to stick it anywhere.


Alternatively, if you’ve created a web app, open source code, or anything else that others’ in your field can benefit from, stickers are perfect to get the message across. Web apps, such as OWASP, have even sold stickers with their web app logo on it to monetize on their creation. Creating branding around your work can help you monetize on it when you gain followers and fans.


 The great part about being a developer is the casual clothes you can wear around the office. Brand your t-shirt with your personal logo. It’s easy to do with customizable iron-ons, all you need is a plain t-shirt, your design, and an iron. It’s the simplest way to build a personal brand. It can also be reused for when you’re at trade shows, work seminars, or networking events.

Iron-ons can also be used to create shirts with puns only developers will know. It’s a great conversation starter wherever you go and you’ll know that no one else will have the same shirt as you.

Temporary tattoos:

 When is comes to handing items out for brand awareness and marketing, flyers, pamphlets, and notepads are becoming redundant. To make sure you’re handing out something that will be kept and remembered, consider temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are great to promote your brand, and if you get creative enough, people will be excited to keep the temporary tattoo on long after they’ve met you.


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