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Smart TeamDesk Online Database Software


Here is everything you need to know about TeamDesk’s low-code/no-code software solution that will help you create online databases in minutes.


What is a low-code/no-code software?


On short, a low-code/no-code software is a software that uses a graphical interface to create things, in TeamDesk’s case, online databases.


The two terms mean pretty much the same but if you want more information, you can check this article and find out everything you want to know.


Why is TeamDesk online database software the most popular solution in the industry?


Creating online databases was a difficult task time ago, especially for normal people like me and you, that don’t have any coding skills.


But now, with TeamDesk, anyone will create a professional online database.

In just a few moments.


While there are quite a few online database software solutions in the industry, most people prefer TeamDesk.


Here is why:


– TeamDesk is by far the simplest and most efficient low-code/no-code online database app.


– The software runs in the cloud on highly secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical.


With the 99.96% uptime record over the last 6 years, TeamDesk is rock-solid reliable. The system runs on a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone through a web browser.


– The software is backed up by pne of the best support teams in the world.


These professionals help you right away, no matter what difficulty or question you have.


– The user interface is highly intuitive, clean, and simple to use.


– TeamDesk uses the latest and most technologically-advanced software in the industry.




TeamDesk is an affordable low-code/no-code online database software creation.


You will choose between 3 monthly plans:


Starter edition – $49 per month


Up to 5 users

Unlimited number of tables

Unlimited records

Unlimited storage space

Unlimited customer support


Team edition – $99 per month


10 users included

Everything from Starter edition

Plus extra user packs available


1 extra user – $9 / month

10 users pack – $79 / month

100 users pack – $499 / month

External user pack – $99 / month


Enterprise edition – $249 per month


10 users included

Everything from Team edition

Unlimited databases


Enhanced security


1 extra user – $19 / month

10 users pack – $159 / month

100 users pack – $999 / month

External user pack – $199 / month


You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription anytime.


Before choosing the monthly plan that suits your needs, you should try the software.


Free trial


You can test (and you really should do it) TeamDesk’s software for 14 days, for free, without inserting your credit card details.


The free trial process is very simple.


The first step after you click on the free trial, is to select how you want to proceed.

You can start from a pre-built database template, you can build a new database from scratch, or you can quickly import a spreadsheet to create a new database.


All 3 options are simple but I recommend you to start with a pre-built database template.


This way you will easily understand all the capabilities of TeamDesk.


In plus, you should check as many TeamDesk case studies as you can, you can find 30+ of them here.




With TeamDesk, you will create your own custom database in a fast and easy way, without having any special knowledge, experience or skills.


Try it now.