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Simple eBay Customization Options: How to Design Your eBay Store in Simple Steps

For those merchants who have never thought of themselves as a brand, eBay offers enough room to sell all those stuff to others. And for good reasons. The thing is that you list your products today and you get customers tomorrow. eBay takes care of promotion, finding and traffic. That’s the gist of it. What’s the secret? The answer is obvious, eBay does it best.

If you’ve made a strategic decision to focus on growing your online selling, then it’s time to do it right. While selling products through effective marketplaces like eBay is something you don’t want to miss. Besides, it’s a great place to test your new products and make your offerings reachable to users on mobile devices. By listing on eBay, the chances are mobile user will find you and choose your offerings among the others.

Simple eBay Customization Options: How to Design Your eBay Store in Simple Steps

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Benefits of Selling with eBay

  • eBay can ensure an additional revenue stream for your business
  • It can increase referral traffic to your online store which can help improve customer loyalty
  • eBay can help build your brand and give it credibility
  • eBay has got customers covered

Why Customize Your eBay Store?

Simple eBay Customization Options: How to Design Your eBay Store in Simple Steps

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But first thing first. And for that reason, you need to customize your eBay store first. That should be easy, right? Indeed, it’s not a rocket science. Once you’ve chosen a beautiful eBay template that matches your particular business requirements, it’s a good idea to tweak its overall look. What for? Well, think twice which store a customer will choose a shop without the appearance or a custom shop with personal identity, logos and colors? The answer is obvious.

Besides, creating and customizing your eBay store is incredibly simple. On top of that, you don’t even have to know how to do the code. You just need to follow some simple rules described in this guide. And that’s all.

How to Customize Your eBay Store?

Simple eBay Customization Options: How to Design Your eBay Store in Simple Steps

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Once your eBay store is up and running, it’s time to begin to manage it. Well, designing your store looks very similar to your Facebook page layout. Thus, depending on your tastes and business needs, you can customize the entire look of your store. This includes namely:

  • A front image to give your eBay store personal identity
  • A store logo (motto) to represent your unique products or services you offer
  • A meaningful description to better highlight the details of what your eBay store offers
  • A big number of custom categories (subcategories) listed on your eBay store (up to 300 categories)
  • Featured items display to highlight your certain listings
  • A user-friendly design of your eBay store

Step #1: Create Categories and Subcategories

Now go to your store design page. That’s where all the fun begins. You’re one hit from turning your eBay store into a roaring success. You will want to create different store categories and subcategories here. Click the ’Store Categories button on the left navigation.

Wish to create a new category with a correct name? That’s simple. Cope with this task by clicking the Add Category button.

If you want to add subcategories, just click a specific category link and access it. Remember that you can create only 5 categories at a time, so think carefully before creating.

Step #2: Edit Display Settings

Face it, if you want your e-store to succeed, it should stand out from the crowd. This means that you should change its overall look, the color of your scheme, the title of your e-store, its logo and its content.

Take time to think carefully and make the changes that can represent the philosophy behind your brand best. Experiment with colors and fonts to get it right. Remember that the name of your e-store should be similar or identical to the name of your business. Moreover, it would be great if it includes what you sell.

In addition, make sure that your logo image is of the best quality and has the right size – 310x90pixels. If you wish to get people to pay attention and remember your e-store, a great logo is a must-have on your site. Besides, you can also select one of the predesigned logo offered by eBay as a temporary measure.

The purpose of your e-store is to help people buy your products. It’s a good idea to add a meaningful description of what you sell by demonstrating its benefits. Use right keywords that you know will cause conversions. If you understand your customers’ pain point, this could bring you more organic traffic to your e-store.

Step# 3: Theme and Display Settings

Here comes the most interesting part when customizing your eBay store. This is where you should use your imagination literally to make your e-store to look attractive and engaging for your visitors. Remember that people have an infinite attention span if you’re entertaining them. So, make sure you’ve done the right choice.

Experiment with the way your products are cataloged on your storefront. Help your online visitors get to their destination. At the same time, make sure it looks attractive and engaging.

If you want to give your e-store a voice, create engaging pages that include your business’ contact details, history and other details about your business.

Step#4: Promotion Boxes

First impressions count as do the precious milliseconds you have to capture the attention of your visitors. That’s where promotional boxes come in handy. These additional promotional tools can be a great way to encourage a purchase. Take advantage of these small boxes to sell your products.

Remember people are motivated by scarcity. So, showcase a user-friendly gallery of presently available items and add countdown timer showing the time left to an event of their choice. Create so much value to your offerings that’s it’s practically a no-brainer not to buy.

Step#5: Custom Pages

As we have already mentioned before, the purpose of your e-store is to sell. It makes sense to create not only a pretty website but the one that sells. So, focus on custom pages which can provide dedicated space to give your business a voice. It can take some of your time and effort to give your e-store a hook to stand out.

Make sure you fill your e-store with all the useful details to provide value not simply create noise. Include custom content, high-quality images, links to other parts of your store and other engaging effects to create visual impressions that stick in the minds of your online visitors.

Step #6: Make Your E-Store User-Friendly

Believe it or not but online users have a sophisticated understanding of reliability. Don’t make them think. The more your e-store is user-friendly, the better revenue for your business. When starting to sell on eBay, make sure your storefront is designed with care. Don’t forget to connect the search bar option to help them find what they are looking for. Besides, don’t shy away from the navigation bar. Help your visitors understand where to go and what to do on your site.

Wrapping Up

Of course, that’s only the beginning of your journey. Don’t expect the quick results. But persistence is an integral part of building your successful business. Now you know how to customize a beautiful looking eBay store.

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