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Salsa Invertebraxa – A New Graphic Novel

Salsa Invertebraxa is a new graphic novel which charts the odyssey of two invertebrate companions who journey through a strange and vibrant world of imaginary insects and flora.

Against the backdrop of two warring empires competing for dominance on the forest floor, they encounter new species of insect among surreal gardens of terrestrial delights.
By moonlight, Salsa becomes a nightmare shadowscape as the two kleptomaniacs attempt to steal eggs from monstrous super-predators. The tranquillity of eden trembles with war and rage, as deadly games of survival play out.
Salsa Invertebraxa is a magical window into a beautiful, dangerous and mysterious world.

SIZE: 243 mm x 300 mm (9.59″ x 11.81″) 104 pages Full Colour
RELEASE DATE: 31st October 2011



















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