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Retro Designs Continuing to increase in popularity

In terms of the design world, things are changing all the time. For Gaming, this is no exception. Graphics have changed in so many ways as they have developed and grown over the years. Graphics aren’t the only thing – the whole gaming experience has come on wonders and people are having a different outlook on them now than ever before. What design has shown us, is that even when things are developing in terms of image; we go back to the older styles sometimes. This has happened more recently in the gaming world.

Retro has become modern, and it’s not just the design world that is following this trend. Ladbrokes have introduced a new game called the Big Penalty Quiz which is using a more retro design in an 80’s style.

The retro style, not just in terms of games, but also in terms of interior design and fashion has taken an unexpected turn as is coming back around. This makes even gaming seem more appealing to different generations who have seen the gaming world develop but also seen it turn back and bring back something more retro. It is an exciting prospect for gamers alike. Games Consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Sega Mega Drive are all now able to show games in a more retro light – introducing more customers to the gaming world.

These changes are doing wonders for the Gaming Industry as they see a new surge of people becoming interested in their games. It has seen a whole new range of people being introduced to these games through the nostalgia of ones they remember. Retro games and games consoles can be found on eBay now for quite a large sum of Money. The idea is that you don’t need your old console to play the new retro games.

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The Big Penalty Quiz is designed in a more retro (8 bit design) format and so it almost looks like a video or arcade game you would find in the 1980’s. This has seen more people drawn to the game of all ages. The game itself is quite straightforward. The players are asked questions about Penalty Shoot outs from over the years. The questions can range from more recent World Cups to ones when they first began. The scoring system is simple. If you get the right answer, you get a point, if you don’t, you don’t get a point. The game isn’t too ling so you won’t lose attention. At 15 questions long you can play competitively with others without getting bored. Because of its being timed alongside the World Cup, more people are playing the game, getting a feel for the game and the competition around it.

Speaking of retro games, here are some old ones that you can play in your browser.

Duke Nukem 3D (1996)

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NBA Jam (1993)

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Prince of Persia (1989)

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Mortal Kombat II (1993)

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Alone in the Dark (1992)

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Star Fox (1993)

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Sonic 2 (1992)

Play it here –


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