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Redecorate Your Walls With These 30 Awesome Poster Prints

We spend more than a half of day between four walls, so you can understand how important it is to have a good environment in order to feel comfortable while doing our daily activities with ease. A boring room without any personality is not a welcoming place to work, especially if it doesn’t fit our tastes, so staying there for 8 or 9 hours each day, can become extremely daring.

In order to feel good at, let’s say, your workplace, you have to personalize it after your own preferences. How do you do that? If it’s your private office and there aren’t any conduit rules, you can do everything you want, but if you need to follow some strict guidelines, you can add your personal touch by using small details such as posters, illustrations, stickers, small banners or anything similar.

A motivational poster or a funny sticker will always boost your morale in times of stress of extreme boringness, so that’s why I have collected 30 extremely interesting poster prints which will work great on any wall. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Feeling Light Headed

30. poster design

A Brain Of Two Halves

29. poster design


28. poster design

Revista Bravo

27. poster design

Bear of love

26. poster design


25. poster design

Stocked in the mist

24. poster design


23. poster design


22. poster design


21. poster design

Duck face

20. poster design

Galactus – Silver Surfer

19. poster design

Megatron G1

18. poster design


17. poster design


16. poster design

Quiz about the Oscar nominees

15. poster design

Lollapalooza Brazil Festival

14. poster design

You Cry Alone

13. poster design

Intergalactic Dance Party

12. poster design

Hellfire Squad

11. poster design


10. poster design

Poster for Taoists

9. poster design

Philips and O’Neill

8. poster design


7. poster design

The dream starts where the dreamer stands

6. poster design


5. poster design

Stella Artois

4. poster design

Anatomy of a Skull

3. poster design

My eye on you

2. poster design


1. poster design


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