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Pimp Your Desktop With These 25 Superb Wallpapers

Customizing your computer will make you feel more comfortable when you are using it, therefore why not start by changing its wallpaper? This simple modification will radically change the look and feel of your computer, making it more interesting. Also, a gorgeous background acts exactly as your workplace: the better it is, the more productive you will be. In this article you can see a collection of 25 superb wallpapers which covers a lot of tastes starting with minimalism and all the way to surreal photography. I hope you will enjoy them as much as you do and also, if you have a good wallpaper, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

Planes Race Wallpaper

1. wallpaper

Colourful Minimalistic Wallpaper

2. wallpaper

Lonely Leaf Wallpaper

3. wallpaper

World Map

4. wallpaper


5. wallpaper

Pixel Dance

6. wallpaper


7. wallpaper


8. wallpaper


9. wallpaper


10. wallpaper


11. wallpaper

Bye Mouse

12. wallpaper

Print Ready

13. wallpaper

Solar System

14. wallpaper


15. wallpaper

Bike Wallpaper

16. wallpaper

Winter Wallpaper

17. wallpaper

Revolution Wallpaper

18. wallpaper


19. wallpaper

Instant Smiles

20. wallpaper

Pu-sama’s Doctor Hoo Wallpaper

21. wallpaper

Love Japan Wallpaper

22. wallpaper

Autumn wallpaper

23. wallpaper


24. wallpaper

The mist wallpaper

25. wallpaper



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