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Photoshop vs Fireworks in Web Design – The Last Battle

Most people try to compare Fireworks and Photoshop in the field of web design. Everybody knows that a lot of things you can do in Fireworks, can also be made in Photoshop. This is a fact but is not demonstrating that Photoshop was built for making screen layouts.  It was built for image editing, image manipulation. In fact, it’s the best image editing software available on the market, since 2003, when it first appeared.

Photoshop can’t create pixel-precise layouts for web design and can’t make quick changes to screen layouts. Too many web designers tend to use it in this way because they know the program very well and they forget that Fireworks was designed from scratch for this specific purpose.

Fireworks is at the core of the design process and the following video will demonstrate some of the most important features .

This tutorial was made by Andre Reinegger on Vimeo.

It will be very interesting to discuss about what people tend to use and why.

So What Graphic Program Do You Use for Web Design?

1. Adobe Photoshop ( You mostly use this )

2. Adobe Fireworks ( You mostly use this )

3. Both Fireworks And Photoshop ( You use these equally )

4. Some other application ( Named it below)

5. You don’t use a graphics app ( You design in code )

Don’t forget that we talk about the use of these programs in the field of web design !

Let “The Fight” Begin !


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