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Paris : New Typeface by Moshik Nadav Typography

Paris is a new typeface that inspired by the world of fashion. Paris Typeface should be in use by the most popular fashion magazines and super luxury brands. Paris typeface include awesome ligatures and sexy numerals. Paris typeface include 9 different styles :Paris Regular, Paris Regular Exit, Paris Regular Strip, Paris Regular White, Paris Ultra Light, Paris Bold, Paris Bold Exit, Paris Bold, Strip, Paris Bold White.

Beside the typeface I designed a few typographic posters to demonstrate the type uses.















































































Moshik Nadav is an Israeli Typography and Graphic designer. On June 2011, Moshik is graduated his studies in Jerusalem specializing in Typography and Typeface design. Moshik’s true love is typography and typeface design.

Moshik see typography as a distilled form of design. On December 2009, Moshik completed a student exchange program in Toronto, Canada where he had the opportunity to study at OCAD for one semester.

He has worked for two years at a prominent advertising firm in Israel as a graphic artist and is currently working as a freelancer worldwide practicing in typography, typeface design, branding and graphic design for any platform.


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