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Optimize Your WordPress Blog With These Tutorials And Plugins

If you have problems with your WordPress blog or you just want to optimize it, then this article is everything you need. You’ll find a great roundup of tutorials and plugins which can help you speed up your site in no-time.

Tutorials and Articles

10 General Tips to Speed up Word Press

Aside from plugins, you can do a lot of things yourself to speed up your WordPress blog. Some of them are one-time things, some of them are long-term habits. Follow these 10 tips to speed up your WordPress blog.[…]

15 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog
Slow WordPress Blogs turn everyone off – Google doesn’t like sites that load slowly, and readers have to impatiently wait to read your brilliant material. In that waiting time, they might even click that back button. Fast-loading websites and blogs are a necessity in the impatient information age.[…]

How to optimize WordPress .htaccess file
It is known the importance of the page loading speed over the traffic of your blog. Recently there were a lot of discussions and probably the page loading speed will become an important SEO factor for google and other search engines.[…]

How to make WordPress load faster, without the use of plugins

Webpage load time is getting more and more important these days, if you go into Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll see “Site Performance” under the labs link. This is a very good indicator of what Google thinks how fast your site is compared to the rest of the internet. […]

Blocking Spammer From Wasting WordPress Resources

Note that spammers send POST request, POST request don’t get cached. So, it will continuously drain your server’s resource, make your site sluggish. So, whats the solution for this? Mine is: block the culprit when he’s POSTing spammy comments on your site.[…]

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog by Having Less Plugins

I love WordPress plugins as much as the next WordPress enthusiast, but when it comes to user experience, I prefer sacrificing the comfort of setting parameters in the WordPress dashboard inteface, than having a sluggish blog that scares visitors away. […]

How to bring down a poorly deployed WordPress (and how to stop it from happening)

I used to hate WordPress (and Apache). When x5315 and I first got a cheap VPS from XenEurope (I recommend them, but don’t be as stingy as us!) it had 128MB of RAM. We both wanted WordPress blogs. Thus what ensued was a performance nightmare. For the record, we ended up using lighttpd and FastCGI instead of Apache, but most people use Apache so that’s what I’m going to focus on here.[…]

13 Great WordPress Speed Tips & Tricks for MAX Performance

Performance is a key factor for any successful website. And since WordPress is becoming more popular than ever, it will only be at its best when raised in the proper conditions. Here are a few things to try if you find that your WordPress site is not performing as well as it could be due to high traffic or hidden issues you don’t know about.[…]

20 Tips and Tricks to Speed-Up Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is by default a pretty fast and optimized software. However by using lots of plugins and “design heavy” themes can really slow it down. This affects directly your visitors because nobody likes a slow loading website. There are a number of things you can do to speed up your WordPress blog, and quite a lot of methods will be discussed in this article.[…]

8 steps to reduce blog load times from 4sec to below 1sec

Google seems to push faster internet to everyone, with fiber to the home, their own DNS, the page speed plugin and hosting Ajax libraries. As I wanted to get some more Google love, going from PR4 to PR5 and not falling back to PR3, I needed to speed up my blog. But where to start? Isn’t this impossible if you’re not a professional?[…]


20 Essential WordPress Caching And Performance Plugins

WordPress’s popularity has grown over the years and WordPress seems to have taken the blogging world by the storm.  This platform has attracted many users and powers many big blogs around the web.  When we talk of big blogs, we talk massive traffic.  Therefore, for your WordPress setup to run optimally even during traffic spikes, you need to use caching plugins and other performance add-ons.  Out of the box, WordPress does not have an efficient caching system enabled.  You need to get one of the many caching plugins available on the web. […]

WordPress Web Optimization: 15 Tips And Plugins To Monitor, Speed Up And Optimize Your WordPress Blog

Bloggers can actually optimize their blogs to consume less server usages and less bandwidth. There are different ways to do the web optimization for WordPress, for example you can install plugins to monitor, tweak and speed up the loading speed of your WordPress blog. Besides installing the plugin, you can tweak your theme and remove the unnecessary features so that your WordPress system consumes less resource and load faster. In this article, we are going to look into 15 different plugins and tips to optimize your WordPress site. […]

10 Excellent WordPress Plugins to Improve WordPress Performance

WordPress is one of the best blogging software available right now. The reason being the availability of infinite number of plugins which can be used to perform different tasks like integrating social buttons, improving SEO and much more. But as the traffic on the blog increases, the loading time increases as well because it takes to load all the scripts and plugins.[…]

Website Optimization plugin: Ordering Stylesheet and Javascript

Did you ever read about Website Optimization of website/blog through ordering styles and Scripts in head section? If you like your website load in browser quickly then you may have read in Website performance optimization tips that you should move all CSS files on top and script at last in HTML head section (<head></head>). All styles should come first one by one and then external JavaScript call and then any inline JavaScript.[…]

eAccelerator reduces WordPress memory usage

In my quest to minimize the memory usage of our beloved blogging platform, WordPress, I came across eAccelerator.  After using Zend Server, and experiencing the performance boost their caching mechanism created, I started looking for something that would work easily with cPanel/WHM.  Lo and behold, there exists a program called eAccelerator which is quoted as being “a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache.”[…]



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