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Insane Clown Posse Photography

Photographer Paul Mobley asked Mike Campau to team up with him on a recent shoot, featuring Detroit’s own hometown harlequins, the Insane Clown Posse.  It was an intense process – and not just because they made them wear face paint and chug Faygo.
After some early brainstorming and pre-production meetings with Paul, they chose their strongest concepts to execute on set. They were on a tight schedule and wanted to capture as many shots as possible, so they decided to shoot ICP on green screen at their own studio.

Then they went on to Greene’s Hamburgers in Farmington Hills to shoot the diner image. Next, Paul spent a couple days shooting downtown, precariously positioning himself on the edges of rooftops and coming back down to ground level for shots of dramatic Detroit architecture. And finally, the fun part — putting the pieces together. Mike Campau created the balloons, Bomb Pops, and color block background entirely CGi, then composited the rest using everything Paul shot in the city.

He dropped by the studio to work with me on some finishing touches and overall style decisions, and after a ton of strips, a few sliders, and a little bit of face paint remover we were done clowning around. It was a great experience. Now if we could only figure out why people kept calling them a Juggalo…


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