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Incredible Photographs With A Mysterious Tone

What makes an image mysterious? Some may argue that it really depends upon your culture as we get “programmed” to find certain types of images to inspire curiousity and certain emotions. Maybe it’s the unknown. Possibly the shadows that let our imaginations create hidden creatures are what make certain images mysterious. Or could it be the massive, immensity of space that drives us to wonder what’s out there.

This collection explores dark, expansive, and masked images that are mysterious, disconcerting, and downright scary.


Tara Hornor has a degree in English and writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing. She works for, an online printing company that offers postcards, posters, brochure printing, postcard printing, and more printed marketing media. In addition to her writing career, Tara also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.


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