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Incredible Optical Illusion Paintings

Oleg Shuplyak gives each painting a double identity. At first glance, the painting illustrates dramatic scenes, but behind them are hidden landscapes. Shuplyak managed to combine colors so well that he managed to create two paintings in one.

Oleg Shuplya studied architecture at Lviv Polytehnic Institute and he was always addicted to painting, and using his architecture skills, he was able to create stunning tridimensional images. Almost all of his drawing are inspired from the work of Charles Darwin, Vincent van Gogh and William Shakespeare.

At the first glance, in this painting you can see John Lennon, the legendary Beatles member.

In this painting you can see two portraits made by Vincent Van Gogh.

This painting is inspired from Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species book.

Here you can see Salvador Dali.

This painting is called “Voyeur” and illustrate the image of Sigmund Freud.

Here you can see Ivan IV, the tsar of Russia.

Here you can see Alexandru Suvorov Vasilyevich, the forth and the last general of the Russian Empire, who never lost a battle.

At the first sight you can see two birds but in reality, the one on the left its just an illusion.

This is an autoportret of Oleg Shuplyak.


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