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In a Galaxy Far Far Away: The App Store Market [Infographic]

In a galaxy far far away lies a world where pod racers hover at top speeds through deserts wastelands, the force is all you need to move an object, and giant spaceships known as the Deathstar threaten to destroy all freedom in the world.

Ok, maybe that’s just a movie, but in all reality that galaxy isn’t so far away.  Sure Luke Skywalker won’t be our world’s savior, but we have at least developed some similarly impressive technology!  The world of smartphones has taken the world with a force, not THE force.

But new products in the form of SEO services and handheld computers have caught the attention of the public, and developed their own world war for a theoretical land, the app market.  See which company is winning the war in user acceptance and sales of their smartphones and applications.

Click on the image to see the infographic:


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Shane is a blogger who can’t seem to stop writing with Star Wars references. As evidence by the above post.


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