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If You Are A Designer, These Are 10 Icon Sets That You Must Have

Icons are a vital part of every design where a level of interaction is required. Without them, everything is useless because they play a vital part for helping the user understand what he can do and also, how he can do it. Imagine using a remote control with blank buttons or your iPhone with only white icons. That will be so hard that you’ll probably give up after a few minutes. Unfortunately many developers believe that an icon must be just an icon: a simple graphic image with a representative sign. Well, that’s not correct. If you want to create a great application you need to focus on design and usability so the icons must not be ignored, especially if it’s a mobile application.

In this article you will find 10 extremely good looking icon sets which must be present in everyone’s toolkit. If you are a designer then check them out and save them.

60 Flat Icons

1. free flat icon set

This freebie contains 60 icons that have been designed in both round and flat styles, and can be used for free without any restrictions and serve various design purposes.

360 pixel perfect icons created by Elegant Themes

2. free icon set

This pack contains crisp, beautiful graphics on any display (including Retina displays). Furthermore, these icons have been optimized with pixel-perfect detail for 16px, and all multiples of 16px (32px, 64px, etc).

16 flat colored icons

3. free flat icon pack

47 free flat icons

4. free flat icon set

This set contains 47 absolutely gorgeous free flat icons which are perfect for any type of project that requires a lot of creativity and visual elements.

80 iOS7-style line icons

5. ios 7 icons

This is an awesome set of 80 iOS7-style line icons designed by Jayson Lane which can is perfect mostly for creating apps for iPhones, iPads or MacBooks.

48 lovely line icons

6. 48 lovely line icons

Line icons are simple and subtle lines, it gives the design a modern look and feel. You can use this 48 free line icon set in your website, app, user interface. These free line icons are specially designed for mobile applications  and user interfaces. You can also use this free line icon set  for retina optimized devices. This free line icon set is  fully scalable high quality vector shape icons. This icon set is available in PNG, EPS, PDF formats, you can download it from below link. Please give us a feedback if you like these icons. Volume two line icons  will be released soon, please follow us for  daily updates.

Long shadow social icons

7. long shadow social icons

A gorgeous set of vector of flat vector social icons which are free to use. The pack contains icons for almost all the popular social networks.

35 thin rounded icons

8.  35 thin rounded icons

A really nice set of 35 thin rounded icons. You can use them as you want. Free PSD designed by Sebastien Gabriel.

195 flat flag PSD icons

9. 195 flat flag PSD icons

A set of 195 free flat flag icons with round corners.

Facebook-style icons

10. Facebook-style icons

This set contains 6 gorgeous Facebook-style icons designed by Nash Vail.


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