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How You Can Make Money with YouTube Channel

With all the major brands and potential customers moving online nowadays learning how you can make money with a YouTube channel is more important than ever.

With the right marketing tools, highly-attractive content and a significant audience, you can make a substantial income on YouTube. One of the largest social media networks helps content creators augment their earnings with the use of ads, affiliates, as well as for analytics tools and other users’ donations.

If you plan to monetize your YouTube channel, you have come to the right place! Here is a short guide that will teach you how to make some YouTube cash quickly and hassle-free!

Meet the Requirements

We assume that you already have a YouTube channel, enough content to cover several hours of viewing and a loyal audience by now. Your videos get enough views, but you want to get something more out of them than just the pleasant reassurance that someone is taking interest in your clips.

To start making money from your YouTube channel, you will first have to meet the requirements for monetization, which include:

– At least 1,000 subscribers
– At least 4,000 hours of video watched on your channel in the past 12 months
– Have the “Monetization” option enabled in the Video Manager section of your channel

From this point on, YouTube will be able to include ads in your videos. The revenue will not be big, especially in the beginning, but this small first step is crucial to your long-term success in this business.

Use Google AdSense

As you probably know by now, Google owns YouTube, and the Google AdSense program that connects content creators with advertisers is as easy to implement on your YouTube channel as it is for your blog.

Sign up to Google AdSense to increase your chances of earning more money with YouTube. The main requirements are that you are over 18-years old, that you have a valid email address and a PayPal or a bank account.

You will get a small fraction of a dollar every time someone clicks on an advertisement that is present on your channel or in your videos. It is not much, but it adds up in time and the overall amount is directly proportionate to the number of viewers that you have. Therefore, having a large audience is vital to your success.

Use YouTube Analytics Tools

YouTube offers a broad range of Analytics Tools that you can use to increase the viability of your channel. Once you reach a relevant number of viewers, you can retrieve stats about their demographics, their viewer behavior, and their preferences. This data helps you learn more about your audience and gives you hints on how you can tweak your content to enhance it.

The Analytics Tools system on YouTube also gives you a detailed report on ad performance and the revenue that results from it. You can use this information to make your content relevant to advertisers that pay more and thus increase your long-term income.

Use multimedia channeling

A good way of making more money from your YouTube channel is to advertise your videos on other social media platforms, too. For example, every time you upload a new clip you should mention it in your posts on other networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This strategy will help you reach a larger audience and get your message across to potential viewers that visit YouTube rarely or at all.

Become a YouTube Partner

Once you reach a solid status on the platform, you can become a YouTube Partner to boost your revenue stream.

As a YouTube Partner, you get access to a wider range of advertising tools and instruments that make content creation easy. Additionally, you can enter contests for the number of views, comments, and memberships that reward you with prize money.

Becoming a YouTube Partner requires that you are always above the threshold of 4,000-hours of watched footage on your channel in the past 12 months.

Increase your YouTube Audience

A safe and easy way to make money with your YouTube channel is to increase your audience with high-quality subscribers that you can buy from secure sources like Socialboss.

Every business out there from large corporations to new startups uses this technique to enhance their number of viewers. It is safe, affordable and pays significantly better than any marketing campaign in the long run.

Buying authentic subscribers from real accounts increases your audience organically. It also boosts your chances of receiving more views, comments, and likes on your videos. It is a bulletproof method of staying within the margins required for easy YouTube channel monetization.

Use Affiliate Links

You can also increase the revenue from your YouTube channel by promoting other people’s products and services. You can include affiliate links in your clips, in the video descriptions, and within the end screens for every video as well.

Affiliate links reward you with a small amount of money every time a viewer clicks on them. You can strike deals with other YouTubers and engage in cross-advertising strategies to promote each other’s products and both of you can enhance your income.

Ask your fans for help

Last, but not least, you can always ask for help from your viewers. If they like your content, and they want to see more of it, they can use online donations to support your content creation efforts in the long run.



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