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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Graphic Design Skills

In the cutthroat world of contemporary marketing, one of the sharpest tools in the hands of brand managers is graphic design. According to, great design can act to unify the brand and drive innovation. By employing graphic design effectively not only can they build brand logos and identities but also ensure that the product packaging is appealing. Marketers also make extensive use of graphic designs in their communication to their target audience, regardless of whether they are using conventional media or the many newer channels like email, websites, and social media. This has created a huge opportunity for taking up graphic design as a career choice.

However, graphic designers still have to contend with the problem of promoting themselves and their portfolio of works to their target audiences. In today’s networked environment, there is nothing better to achieve this than social media, especially Instagram. Some essential tips for leveraging the power of Instagram the best:

Do Not Post Images That Are Not Sharp and High-Quality 

It is important to remember that the principal reason you are using Instagram is to impress potential clients with your skills. This means that any post you publish on the platform should necessarily be of very high quality and sharply focused. If you are taking a photo of a graphic design that you have created, you have to ensure that you shoot it in such a way that it is clear and does justice to your creative skills. The choice of the creative should also be made with a fair amount of thought as potential clients who are viewing your posts are expected to be very discerning and looking for talent that can create original and fresh graphic designs. It can be a good idea to post a series of shots that take viewers through the entire process of creating the graphic design. This will enable them to know how you apply your mind to any design project.

Enhance the Quality of Visuals with Photo Editing Tools to Stir Emotions 

Visuals can play the most important part of convincing customers to do something by raising the right kind of emotions in them. You should not only choose the photos, videos, illustrations, and other visual elements with great care keeping in view the objective of the graphic design being created but also enhance their quality with the help of advanced photo editing techniques. This will enable the graphic designs to strike the right chord in potential clients, arouse their interest, and encourage them to engage with likes, comments, and shares. Before posting your creative designs on Instagram, take a moment to think about how you would like to present yourself on Instagram. If your posts lack engagement, you can visit Instagram likes fifty at a very nominal cost.

You can make your creative designs even more interesting with the help of photo-editing tools like size cropping, control of exposure, brightness, and contrast as well as by using filters to give a distinctive look to the designs. By applying certain standardization techniques, you can create a distinctive visual identity for yourself as well as your creative designs very much like artists do when they are painting, sketching, or sculpting.

Be Consistent

You can be a brilliant graphic designer but yet fail to make an impression with potential clients on Instagram simply because you failed to remain regular and consistent in your posting schedule. The truth is that no one will give you a lucrative graphic design development assignment just because they have seen one of your posts, regardless of how creative and appealing it might have been. Almost everyone will want to see a large body of your works before they are sufficiently impressed with you. This can only be achieved by posting your graphic design samples consistently. You should not only have a posting schedule worked out that will ensure that you post on s regular basis but also your works should have a creative consistency that will assure your potential clients that what they are seeing is not a mere flash in the pan or even a plagiarized work of art. Brands place great importance on visual consistency and you must demonstrate that you are capable of delivering the goods. To impress clients, you can develop a series of graphic designs on the same subject that will serve to demonstrate not only your ability to develop a variety of creative designs but also your ability to be visually consistent.


Without a doubt, Instagram is the ideal platform for creative graphic designers who want to showcase their talent to prospective clients. In addition to the points discussed above, all the marketing activities that Instagram marketers indulge in to address their target audience should also be mastered by you. For example, you need to define your target audience, find out what they are most interested in, research, and identify the hashtags they use the most s that you can talk to them and engage them effectively.


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