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How To Design The Perfect Logo

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Logos are, and have always been, the elements that define the image of a brand. Whether you are a company, an individual or a product, the logo is the most recognizable aspect in the entire brand image. Ensuring that your logo represents your company perfectly is the primary task of a logo and designing it is a process that can be as simple or hard as you’d want it to be.

Every logo has a few basic elements. These normally include the mnemonic, a small illustration/imagery that is part of the logo; the company name, and the tagline. In all cases, the company name is the only element that remains a constant with everything else being optional. You can include a mnemonic or tag line although the logo should be recognizable with or without these elements.

The first thing you need to remember when designing a logo is that the design needs to be simple. Putting too many elements into the logo might overwhelm the viewer, making them miss the point completely. When someone looks at a logo, they need to be able to identify exactly what the company does or, at least, get a strong idea of the industry they pertain to.

The perfect logo will appear, on various media, with the same effect and strength. From print to television to even tee-shirts and mugs, the logo must stand out, as required, to showcase the brand. If the logo has too many elements, then simply using the mnemonic should also suffice.

There are just too many logos and images out there and your logo needs to understand and outshine everything else. When you make a logo, like Nike and its “Swoosh”, it is recognizable all over the world. A simple symbol, with basic shapes or lines is easier to remember than a complex design.

Basically, your logo, to be perfect, needs to have a few characteristics. The first thing is that there needs to be an element that is completely distinct and stands out amongst the rest of the logo. If you’re walking through a crowded street and notice a man with a deep scar on his face, you will remember it. It is human nature to notice specific details within a large sample area. Hence, a symbol or element that they can immediately identify is a great way to increase recall.

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From designs and shapes to vibrant colours or catchy names, everything is part of the process of creating recognition.

Logo design is a simple process that requires you to remember the message you are trying to convey. Flexibility is an element that helps you put this characteristic across in a unique way. By creating flexible elements such as changing colour, transparency, etc. for different events or areas, your logo can create sub-patterns or –symbols that people can recognize.

They, then, begin associating that changed logo with a certain aspect of your company, creating an identity for your service line. While encompassing all elements of the organization, a logo must also span across all times. This means, your logo shouldn’t become invalid or irrelevant a few years down the line. If it does, then there is a clear issue in the way it has been designed.

For a logo to be perfect, the brand needs to be represented in all aspects. It must bring out the thought and ideals that have set up this brand and the ones that they would like the target audience to identify. If you are hiring a graphic designer for the job, make sure that they understand your brand before beginning any design-work. As long as the brand’s image is clear in the mind of the designer, a simple and concise timeless logo is what your designer will deliver.


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