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How to Create an eCommerce Website that Customers Love

The experience customers have on your e-commerce store has a significant impact on their conversion and repeat purchases. Most of your customers decide whether to buy from you based on different factors that you can control during the creation of your e-commerce store.

Here is how to create a store that your customers will love when purchasing from you.

Website Design

Your website is the virtual version of a brick and mortar storefront. You want it to be neat, organized, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Investing in a good e-commerce web designer makes a big difference in your conversions from the site.

Make it easy for your customers through your e-commerce website design by:

– Use high-quality images
– Have navigation tabs on the same location on all pages
– Eliminate pop-ups and graphics that interfere with the user’s buying experience
– Balance the use of color on your website
– Keep your design elements consistent

Fast Load Times

Ecommerce websites with higher load speeds have more conversions. Users are likely to visit other pages on your website if the pages load faster. On the other hand, they are likely to leave your site prematurely if they have to wait ages for your website to load.

Pages that load within up to four seconds have higher conversion rates than those that take longer than 4 seconds to load. Every second of page load delay can lead to a 7% decline in conversions. You can hire a UX expert to help you with your site speed.

Useful and Accurate Product Images and Descriptions

Unlike brick and mortar stores where a customer can physically examine what they are purchasing, online buyers will rely on product descriptions and images to inform their decisions. Customers want these images and descriptions to be accurate representations of the products or services they are purchasing.

Refrain from using stock photos as these are too generic and tell customers nothing about your product. Take multiple photographs of the product from different angles and, where applicable, smaller details that make your products unique.

The product descriptions should help your customers understand the color, size, material, weight, uses, and safety information of the product where applicable.

Payment Options

Customers have viewed your website, read product descriptions, added items to their cart, and at the checkout, you don’t accept their payment method! They will abandon that cart and possibly never return to your e-commerce store ever.

You cannot afford such issues as an online retailer; therefore, you should include different payment options on the checkout page. Many payment gateways exist online, ranging from bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, credit cards, among others.

Millennials are the largest living adult generation and therefore have the biggest buying power. This generation grew up as digital natives and were early adopters of cryptocurrency as a fiat replacement. This makes offering Bitcoin payments on your site critical to attract this large demographic. Connect your Bitcoin payment gateway to a cryptocurrency exchange wallet to easily convert Bitcoin to fiat.

Conduct market research to determine the common payment methods your target customers use and include some of the most common options on your e-commerce website.

Still on the payment options, allow customers to pay for products without having to create an account. First-time customers are less likely to create an account or shop with stores that require them to create an account upfront.

What Do Customers Want?

Customers shopping online do so for convenience and ease; therefore, your website should provide these from the user interface, navigation menu, graphics, product descriptions, speed, images, and payment options. Enhance your customers’ experience, and they will keep coming back for more.



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