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Here’s Your Chance To Make $10.000 On An App Design Contest


One of the leading tablet app publishing platform, Oomph, announced the launch of a brand new self-service marketplace for creating customized iPad app templates. In order to support this marketplace, Oomph has launched a $10.000 tablet app contest hosted on a very popular crowdsourcing platform –

The competition comprises of four smaller contests, each offering a $2.500 prize to the best design. These mini contests focus on four popular app types: arts and music, industry, travel agencies, branded magazine creators and retailers who want to develop interactive platforms for their clients.

In case you don’t know how crowdsourcing works, well in our case it is very simple. Someone is looking for a design specific to his needs. He will describe his project by giving a lot of details regarding everything starting with the overall theme and all the way to the last pixel of the design, and then he will set a budget. After that, any designer who is interested on taking that project will submit a design which fits his needs. At the end, the client will choose the best design and then he will send the payment. The same will happen now, so $10.000 can be a good addition to your wallet, isn’t it?

The contest closes at the end of January and prize winners will be announced in February with the winning designs in each category to be available for sale on Oomph Marketplace. Oomph will be launching new functionality in the coming weeks so app authors can sell templates in the store.

You can check out Oomph Marketplace here:

Also, you can see the $10,000 app design contest here:

Here are the four contest:




So, check out the contest, good luck and who knows, maybe your design will be the lucky one.


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