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Great Examples of Labels in Package Design

For a product, the label is just like a business card: it must describe the product along with its name and some key visual identities. Usually it’s made from paper, polymer, cloth, metal or is printed directly to the products. In this article you can see some great examples of label printing ideas which are used in package design.

Bekko Candy Label

Bekko Candy was created as a fundraiser for Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster of 2011. BEKKO CANDY is a small scale and a very personal fund raising project for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. With the urge to do something after hearing the devastating news in the morning following the earthquake, Shoko decided to sell homemade candies for donation money.

Sïppa Beer

I needed something to introduce myself to the San Diego creative community. The project started as a bottle of homebrew and a label, then quickly grew to involve a separate piece of printed literature (brochure) and then an informational hang tag about the beer. Svante Morgan Nilson

Shirah Wines Label

This wine is an assertive blend of syrah and grenache. The bottling was very small, with less than 650 bottles in the run. The design was influenced by vintage concert posters and the neckband is a replica of a vintage concert ticket. The fun thing about producing this label was working with our printer, Jon Selikoff of Vote for Letterpress. Due to the low budget on this job, we used a single plate to generate a range of color by printing with a split fountain. Yael Miller and Reuben Miller.

Letterpress Whisky Labels

These labels were printed using vintage presses in one colour onto a beautiful uncoated label stock. The labels also required a die cut shape which we decided to ‘kiss-cut’. This means cutting the shape out of the top sheet of the paper enabling the label to be peeled off the backing sheet in one piece ready to be applied to the bottles.


Belmondo is Italian for “beautiful world.” Created by Daniela Belmondo, a local esthetician who believes that beautiful skin comes from products derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients. Belmondo organic skin care is designed around the daily rituals of caring for yourself.

Vis-a-Vis Labels

Vis-a-Vis is a brand for ladies which has some beautiful packages.

Keen Fruit

 Inspired by Earth Day, Keen Fruit keeps the environment in mind through its minimalist approach to packaging, color palette and use of sustainable materials. The six-pack carrier is designed from 100% post consumer waste and can be easily recycled with your newspapers. The label design is white with accent colors that come directly from the fruit photograph on the label. The minimal color palette and clean type accentuate the fresh, sophisticated feel of the product.

Quality Label for Parisian Tourism

 This label was created for a touristic label (Paris, 4th arrondissement)

Design For

This label was made for the student application process of Lahti Institute of Design. The illustration image narrate the major subjects of Institute.


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