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Gorgeous Showcase of Digital Fantasy Illustrations

Creating digital illustration is awesome because when drawing, you can break any rule or law. If you have the talent, the time and a creative eye you can do anything thanks to a plethora of drawing applications. There are many types of drawing types but the most interesting one is fantasy art because it’s the freest type and also the single one in which you can let your imagination loose. Below you will find a collection of 20 absolutely gorgeous fantasy illustrations that will take you into a journey on different worlds, times and feelings. I’m sure you’ll like them so let me know what you think.


Sci-fi Art by Raul Ovejero

Supplies for the Boys

2D Art by Tobias Goldschalt

Female Ninja – Jen

2D Art by Josh Nizzi

Mr. Burns

Portrait by Tiago Hoisel

The Big Cowboy

3D Art by Gustavo Federico


2D Art by Randis Albion

The Last Airborne

2D Art by Ian McQue

Morning Commute

2D Art by Eddie Del Rio


2D Art by Sam Nielson

The Army of Darklord

Fantasy Art by Derrick Song

Hunt of the Malesquis

Sci-fi Art by John Kearney

Yama and the Red Dragon

3D Art by Jason Mark

High-Captain of Angband

Fantasy Art by Per Øyvind Haagensen

Roman Charge

2D Art by Glen Angus

Red Queen

2D Art by Diane Özdamar


Digital Painting by Nikolay Yeliseyev

The Conversion of Saint Paul

3D Art by Ian Spriggs

Lava Genie

2D Art by Paul Davidson

The Alchemist

3D Art by Aleksandar Jovanovic

Arrival At Sky Harbour

2D Art by Ian McQue


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