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Gorgeous Package Concepts That I Hope Someday Will Be Real

The package makes the sell so it doesn’t matter if your product is the best that money can buy, if the package is ugly then your sells will suffer. Designing a product package is not an easy task because you practically need to enter the buyer’s mind. You need to know who will buy the product, what they will do with it, you need to take into account the usability of the package and how durable will be. It is a huge job to create a package that will be noticed on the shelve and also that will convince the consumer to buy it. Below you can see a collection of packages made buy mostly students for various projects. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Honey Package Design

Designed by Collin Cummings

Folksaga liquor

Designed by Caleb Heisey

Cocktail soda

Designed by Miriam Altamira

Egg package

Designed by Otília Erdélyi


Designed by Bryan Ku

Deer You – organic juice

Designed by Mara Rodriguez

Coffee roast

Designed by Lina Sponberg

Mud snacks

Designed by Mara Rodríguez & Beatrice Menis


Designed by Samantha Szakolczay


Designed by Chul Lee

Slip-on shoes

Designed by Jesse Lindhorst

Sushi box

Designed by Sergio Ortiz Ruiz

Tomato and brown sauce

Designed by Vincent Wade


Designed by Niklas Hessman

Speakesy wine

Designed by Nick Dunlap

Dog toys

Designed by Mathilde Solanet

Curious Mixture Absinthe

Designed by Stig Bratvold

The Body Shop

Designed by Sam Stringer & Shaun Baldwin


Designed by Kyle Hebert

Orbit toothpaste

Designed by Veronica Clauss

Peppermint drops

Designed by Cory Etzkorn

VoTree massage oil

Designed by Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya

Russky vodka

Designed by Larisa Mamonova

Beijing Buffet Fortune

Designed by Caroline Brickel

Elastic bands

Designed by Ric Bixter


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