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Exposé: Gallery Exhibition

” Exposé is DACS’ first ever exhibition. The goal of Exposé was to raise awareness about sex trafficking though a medium that anyone can understand, art. The first gallery exhibition was held in Columbia, South Carolina on September 24th, 2010.To our amazement, well over 400 people showed up to support, making the gallery almost hard to navigate in! Thanks to the financial support of these people, DACS is now partnering with a group called The Blind Project, to play a small part in starting a sustainable way of life and restoration for women exploited by the commercial sex trade in Bangkok, Thailand. We will be doing this by donating funds raised at the exhibition to help The Blind Project build a screen printing shop that will employ women living in aftercare facilities. These print shops will help the women get back up on their feet, while letting them explore careers in fashion! To learn more about this great initiative by The Blind Project, visit


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