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Entrepreneurship 101 – 7 Top Tools for Telecommuting Teams

Building a successful entrepreneurial endeavor doesn’t mean you and your teammates need to be located in the same city. You can connect with talented individuals around the globe and launch the next great startup, even if none of you have ever been together in the same location. Thanks to real-time messaging platforms, video conferencing on-demand, and private cloud storage, entrepreneurial teams can be scattered all over the planet and still work together seamlessly to build profitable businesses. If you’re considering telecommuting as an option for your business, here are seven must-discover tools you should investigate:




Taskade is an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows you to toggle different views; collaborate live by editing projects in real-time and chatting/video conferencing, all on the same page; keep track of tasks across multiple teams and workspaces in your calendar; and plan, manage, and visualize projects with a handy team roadmap feature. It is simple, flexible, and fun, allowing you to get work done together, faster and smarter. There are hundreds of templates to choose from to easily get started.



If you need to communicate with your remote teammates via video conferencing, Whereby will come in handy. You can converse with up to eight people at once and you never have to worry about logging in or downloading software. Name your video chat, hit the start button, and your team can instantly start chatting together.




Trello is an excellent tool for team projects. Create Trello boards for different activities. Assign individuals to projects. Monitor the completion status of multiple jobs at the same time. Once you discover the ease of managing group activities on Trello, you’ll use it for in-house teammates as well as remote employees.




Whether you have teammates across town or across the globe, Slack allows distributed teams to work on projects together, share screens and annotate jobs, chat in real-time, and watch productivity soar without having to be in the same workspace.



Tandem is a virtual office for remote teams, allowing you to re-discover the flow of working together in-person by seeing, talking to, and collaborating with your team in one simple click. Easily see which work apps your teammates are using and join them using shared cursors, and keep track of time zone differences by checking who is also on work mode.



Airtable may have a flexible, spreadsheet-like interface, but it also gives you the power of a database, allowing you to organize your work, your way. It offers a variety of different views, as well as Airtable Blocks, which provides app-like functionality that you can mix and match to create your team’s ideal workflow.



Share large files up to 2GB anywhere in the world, all for free, with no registration required. If 2GB isn’t enough, you have the option to upgrade to WeTransfer Pro, allowing for 20GB of files and 1TB storage with full transfer control.


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