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Enhance Your Printing By Making It 3D

Today, an unconventional and daring way to advertise and to promote your brand is by using lenticular printing. Lenticular printing is not new.  In fact, you probably remember it from the 80’s when you got a prize in the Cracker Jack box… and then the ’90s when 3D postcards were the big hype.

Lenticular printing allows the creation of a hologram-like illusion of depth and of animated effects in flat images. It is a complex and sensitive process that pushes the envelope of today’s printing and software technologies. The process begins by rendering a set of views and combining them into an interlaced image.

However, none of those pieces you are familiar with in the past would be something you could present and offer to your clients. In order to personalize them affordably, you need to order a minimum of at least 500 prints! You may still see products like this created with your (children’s) favorite celebrity, but what if you just want 30 thank you cards? Or a single display piece for a table at a convention?

At, we offer to print a single (and personalized!)  3D print; you can create it fast and affordably., is an online lenticular digital printing service, allowing you to create lenticular printing from the comfort of your house.

Their service was created with creative professionals in mind, to enable them to design, print and ship printed projects with 3D and/or animated effects. Its specialty lies not only in an easy to use workflows for 3D content creation, but also in the ability to do short run proofs, even a single print! This has enhanced the opportunities for professionals to both order affordable proofs AND really impress their clients with stand out materials.

SnapilyPro has worked with some of the leading Hollywood studios to deliver promotions through their unique 3D virtual environment and patented personalized 3D print service. They are doing other exciting things like printing 3D images of branded products, and even 3D images of baby ultrasounds.

The process is extremely simple, and all you need to do is to upload your design. After that you will get an immediate 3D preview and if you like it, you can order it. You can upload Photoshop .PSD layered file, interlaced files, flip of 2 images, HumanEyes Creative3D files or a 3D image sequence.

Before uploading the file you’ll see a short guide that will help you get the best result possible.

After uploading the file, everything is straight forward and the final result will be ready in no time.

So, if you are looking for a great, reliable and affordable lenticular printing, then SnapilyPro is the only solution.

Here are some cool examples of 3D printings or Animated printings:

Animated Thank You Card

Flip Billboard

3D Shop window

Motion Business Card

 3D Billboard

Flip truck campaign

Checkerboard card


 Funny image



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