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Email Signatures logo – A Surefire Way to Build a Coherent Brand

Doing business today means knowing how to get the most exposure to customers. Social media has democratized attention. People have access to more content than ever before, so it can be difficult for a company to break through the noise and capture their audience’s attention. It’s easy to swipe away from an article or close a tab playing a video if it stops being interesting.


As such, businesses use tons of marketing tactics so they can still reach their customers despite the fierce competition. For companies that want to directly speak with their customers, there is always e-mail marketing.


This tool can bring enormous returns if done right; since the people on your mailing list are already interested in you, you just have to nudge them a bit to ensure that your efforts pay off. Furthermore, you can build your brand using your email signature design. It is not just a way to sign off on a message; your business can drive home what it is about through the signature.


Why an email signature logo works in marketing


A professional-looking font-based logo in your email can present your business favorably to everyone who receives your message. Every time someone opens your email, your header and signature bookend their experience of your brand; Customers, suppliers, partners, and anyone who is interested will see what you want to be known for through your header and signature.


Furthermore, it can drive traffic to your social platforms. A signature can include a logo icon or image to your website, your social media pages, and other spaces online where you want people to see your business. A thoughtful logo design incorporated seamlessly in an email signature will capture people’s attention and make them aware of your other platforms on the internet.


The parts of an effective email signature


Basic things to include in a signature are your name, job title, and your company’s name. These are not the only details you can add, though. Including these three is the bare minimum; to boost your reach and engage your audience, you need to make your signature more attractive.


For example, you can add an image or graphics that show your brand. For example, you can also add a photo or visuals that represent your brand. Your logo, a link to your website and links to your social accounts are all things to add as well.


Remember to keep your email signature mobile-friendly, and include a call to action. Even when making a quick update to your mailing list, you should always get them to look at your other channels online. A call to action in your email signature will convince them to visit your website, visit your social media, or access the links you placed.


Ideas for different types of brand personalities


Keep in mind that whatever you do in your business affects people’s perception of your brand. Therefore, your activities and the visuals should align with your brand personality. For example, a corporate, buttoned-up business should have a sleek, simple email signature. A classic design works best in this case.


A more impactful, visual design is good for companies in the creative industry. If you have a visual blog or an online portfolio, you can even include the latest photos from your websites. This design is also good for product-based businesses. Another way of including pictures in e-mail is by including GIFs. Creating an animated logo using a logo maker is yet another way to capture people’s attention online.




An email signature logo builds a company’s brand in a subtle but effective way. When your brand name appears at the end of every message from your business, people will remember you easily. Effectively using the parts of an email signature will boost your success not only in the US market, but also worldwide!


Author: Ping He

Ping is the founder & CEO of – an AI powered logo maker and brand automation platform that can help small businesses create professional logos, design matching identities, and automate brand promotion with on-brand social media content. He lives in Shanghai, China with his wife and 2 kids Sean & Kyle.