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How To Easily Create an Online Help Desk For Your Customers

Dealing with customers is an essential part of any business. Whether you’re selling physical goods or providing other types of services, you want to keep your clients satisfied and happy. By doing this, you acquire loyal customers that will come back to you again and again. The key to keeping your clients happy is managing to make them feel important. No matter how much business they’re bringing you (whether it’s one order per year or thousands of dollars per week), clients want to feel they play a significant role in your business.

By keeping a good communication flow between you and your customers you’ll help improve your current business relationship. What clients really appreciate is prompt and professional assistance. But how do you manage dozens of tickets from customers in a time efficient and neat manner? An online help desk is the ideal solution – it’s user friendly, delivers the tickets to the provider instantly and enables him to solve them quickly.

Creating and implementing a ticketing system might have been tricky and expensive back in the day, but that’s no longer the case. Ticketing systems are nowadays extensively used by business owners everywhere. WPHelpDesk has stepped up the game, eliminating the disadvantages a ticketing system might have and replacing them with benefits like easy to use tools, efficiency in handling tickets and lightning speed reply processing. This WordPress plugin allows you to effortlessly start your online help desk. Within seconds you’ll have a user-friendly tool at your fingertips that will enable you to sort your client’s tickets and reply to your customers in the shortest amount of time.


Since WPHelpDesk was especially created for WordPress, the platform’s users can incorporate it in their site themselves, without any professional help.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, clients want to feel important and cared after. They don’t care that providers have hundreds of customers who all want quick feedback. One way of making sure your customers feel looked after is to reply to their tickets shortly after they open them. WPHelpDesk provides you with an elegant solution for this. The clients contact the provider and submit their problems only by filling in some standard fields. This way the provider is able to immediately pinpoint what the issue is and address it accordingly. Moreover, the client himself can decide how to get the provider’s reply, choosing between email or following the ticket system.


As a provider, replying to tickets is very simple. You can either assign the task to one of your employees or choose to fix it yourself. With just a few clicks you can change the status of the ticket (pending, fixed), check the last time it was modified and change the comments into new tickets.


WPHelpDesk keeps you posted with the ticket’s status through emails. Another cool feature is the notices WPHelpDesk will send you if someone else from your company wrote a draft on a specific ticket you’re working on. You can also check who else from your team is viewing the ticket at the same time you are.

Worried you could lose the work you’ve been focusing on for the last hour? WPHelpDesk is already one step ahead of you. They’ve implemented an autosave feature that makes sure to back up your ticket or email every 30 seconds. The plugin also wants to keep you safe from potential dangerous data through their special hooks and filters that are applied to messages, emails and tickets before they are stored in the database.

With WPHelpDesk’s advanced search tool employees and clients too will be able to find what they want within seconds. This clever feature is so efficient because it enables users to define their searches either by message, email or content.


WPHelpDesk gives its users the option to configure how their online help desk will look. Configuring everything is really easy. By simply clicking the Config option, which you can find in the side menu, you can choose your email template, select providers and set up your outgoing and incoming mail messages according to your your own preferences.


To sum up, it is plain to see that WPHelpDesk has designed this WordPress plugin as a user-friendly tool destined to improve business relationships and speed up the entire online helpdesk system. With numerous advantages like efficiency and accessibility and zero drawbacks, WPHelpDesk’s plugin is waiting for you to try it out as well.


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