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Designing a User Friendly Website

Have you ever noticed that some websites seem to be designed with the user in mind, while others seem like an unplanned mix of different fonts, text sizes, odd backgrounds, and irritating extra media like music and video that load up the second you arrive at the page?

The difference between these two types of sites is due to a set of web design standards. If these standards are not followed, the result can be a clunky ineffective site that doesn’t accomplish what it’s intended to do. These web design standards are universal and apply to every kind of website.

Good User Experience
Though this is a broad term, it’s very important. It means that the site visitor is able to do what he intended to do upon visiting the site in a quick and efficient manner. Was he able to find the information he needed in a reasonable amount of time? Was the website content organized well? Was the information written in a clean and concise manner? All of these things contribute to the good user experience and can be the difference in whether a person decides to visit the site another time or not.

Clean Design
When a visitor clicks on your web address, is he greeted by a barrage of flashing graphics? Is he able to find the page he needs? If not, your website probably doesn’t have a clean design. Many visitors are looking for information that they need in a flash. If it’s too hard for them to find that information, they might give up altogether and leave the page, which is not something you want! You want your visitors to spend as much time as possible on the site. By logically arranging your information and including easy to find and clearly labeled menu items, you ensure the clean design of your site.

Well Coded
Nothing is more frustrating to a website visitor than broken links or non-functional pages. When a visitor is in need of something on your site and that link is broken, it shows as unprofessional. This goes the same for any special tools or calculators you include on the site. If your site isn’t well coded, you could irritate and lose these visitors for good. If this is an area that you have trouble in, try to hire someone who is experienced in website coding who can do general maintenance for you.

SEO Friendly
In order to attract visitors and make sure your website appears in searches, you need to make sure your page is coded for SEO. To do this, include key words that you want your site to rank high for in various places on the page. You don’t want to overdo it, but you want to make sure the page contains content relative to the SEO terms you expect your visitors will search for. Also, include other content relating to your key words. These can be free resources like articles and info sheets.

Though creating a user-friendly site can be time consuming, it’s worth it to attract and maintain a large number of visitors.

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