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Create Stunning Instagram Story Graphic Designs and Real Instagram Followers

The Instagram Feed isn’t the only feature that keeps the user’s busy. Instagram Stories is also one of the features that people use daily. Instagram records over 500 million active users who create new Stories daily. Hence, it means people have the scope to connect with Instagram users in two various places in the app. And it’s a smart call not to waste the chance with dull visuals and Stories. When you create stunning visuals and Stories, you can gather more followers.

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An increased follower count determines your success with Instagram! Usually, people get drawn to profiles that have increased follower count. It makes them feel that the profile is genuine, popular, and reliable. However, it takes time to achieve a considerable follower base. But if you want to support here, you can go ahead and buy real Instagram followers. Today, some companies allow you this provision. It helps you to grow your userbase and followers better in the future.

Ways to create better Instagram Stories

Being a photo-sharing social media platform primarily, Instagram has a creative and distinctive layout. It has impressive graphics and stunning design aesthetics. With this in mind, it is essential to customize your Instagram Stories using the following smart tactics:

  1. Have a storyboard

There are several ways to make use of Instagram Stories for better branding. Right from promoting a new blog post and sharing the brand-new features – the ways are more! Instagram Stories is a smart way to keep the audience engaged. It means you have the option for iPhone photography, take behind-the-scenes footage, a live video, and match up to the content. However, when it’s concerning the Instagram Story graphic designs, it’s essential that you opt-in for visually stunning designs to keep the audience busy. One of the best ways here is Storyboarding and have the entire story staging plan ready before you start.

Also, do you wish to promote a new blog? If yes, then it makes sense that you develop a storyboard based on the essential tips that will encourage people to click on the Instagram Story. You can also have a storyboard that highlights how to make use of a product. The options here are endless and makes the Instagram Story graphic design much innovative and simpler.

  1. Customize a story-related style guide

The moment you use short video clips and fully produced graphics for a Story, you have several design elements from Instagram to add to the content. It’s better to have a style guide specific to the filters, font options, GIF types, and many other elements that a company uses directly from the Instagram Stories to remain branded.

Go ahead and develop this style guide in several ways! Since you have to deal with multiple design preference, when you have a Story-specific guideline, it can enhance the brand recognition to a great extent.

  1. Opt-in for boomerangs

Simply put, the boomerang is an app owned by Instagram and gets added to the Story option. Today, users have access to it quickly by opting in for the Story button and clicking on the right. It is a fast one to two-second clip which plays in loops and is an exciting way to develop online content. At times, brands and organizations can use boomerang instead of uploading generic pictures and videos. It will add to your Instagram profile personality and impress the viewers. They might find you trendy and start following your Instagram account.

  1. Use the design elements adding symbols

When it comes to Instagram Stories, there are five distinct options to select from, i.e., Strong, Classic, Typewriter, Modern, and Neon. Hence, the symbols and letters are available in five different styles. And when you use a few of these letters, blow them up, and rotate the same, you can have creative design elements to use in Instagram Story. It will help you create a unique Instagram Story graphic design that will gain more viewers and followers. People today get attracted to profiles on Instagram that are not afraid to experiment with creative concepts.

  1. You can access more colors

As you open the drawing or text feature, there are three pages of color choices. When you hold on any of the available colors, it directly opens the channel of more colors to choose the one you like best. It also provides you with the scope to use a color picker for grabbing the correct shade from the picture or the graphic. When there’s a logo of any graphic you want to upload, this enables you to add the extra elements in the brand colors. Alternatively, you can match the shades in the image.

The Instagram Story graphics is an essential aspect to manage. It allows you to bring out a brand’s or individual’s creative side to attract more followers. So, as you purchase Instagram, followers make sure to develop stunning Instagram Story visuals and graphics to attract the masses.


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