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Build Code-Free Websites Fast With Simbla

Simbla was founded in 2013 for the purpose of providing a smart and easy solution for all types of businesses. Simbla is an easy website and application builder which is the perfect choice if you want to build code-free websites fast and effortlessly. In case you do not possess any knowledge of programming or web development, do not worry because Simbla will help you get a professional and beautiful page with the help of its Responsive website templates. Simbla uses Bootstrap 3 to create HTML5 websites that look great, are easy to create, and that are great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simbla offers you 2 modes for using it. You can either choose the Easy Mode or the Pro Mode. The first one is perfect if you do not have much experience in building a website. The Pro Mode gives you full control over every single detail of your site, it requires knowledge of website structure, including headers, dynamic content and containers and it allows you to insert your own HTML in order to create your own custom menus as you like. Both of them have the drag & drop feature which makes your work easier and more flexible.

4. Simbla


With Simbla, it’s easier to have the professional, high-quality and beautiful website your business needs. It offers you a wide range of features which will make your experience more simple and pleasant.

  1. The Online Database Builder

This is one of the most important and appreciated features that Simbla provides you with is the Online Database Builder which means you can create and manage your own online database in an all-in-one cloud based platform. Simbla’s platform brings together the online database and web app world to a well-designed, drag and drop, responsive and professional UI environment. Its new online database builder is based on Facebook Parse which will enable you to manage all aspects of your database from controlling your content, permissions and granting roles to different groups of users, to creating your own professional website applications.

  1. Responsive Website Temples

If you’re more of a developer than designer, then a template or something like Simbla’s website builder. Another extremely appreciated feature of Simbla are its responsive website temples. Because one of Simbla’s purposes is making your website building experience as comfortable as possible, they created a wide range of responsive temples, in all different fields of interest, making it easier to obtain the website of your dreams. The builder is fully-responsive, meaning that you can get your message to everyone regardless of device type. The interface automatically adapts to any screen or environment from desktops to tables to phones to smart televisions.

  1. Other features:

Simbla’s new system contains other great features, such as the drag & drop responsive UI builder created in order to make your life easier, having a fully functional drag & drop system which will make your website look amazing. You don’t need any code knowledge to mount an image because you can just drag and drop it in the location you desire. You can also use the drag & drop databased widgets that come in handy when you want to drag & drop certain ready-made widgets, such as forms, tables to your website.

An added benefit of using Simbla is the Parse JavaScript library which offers its developers a huge JavaScript library. As a developer, you gain more flexibility and the possibility of creating website applications via JavaScript.

Another 2 useful tools that Simbla has are Bootstrap3 and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Bootstrap3 technology is designed for web applications which includes HTML and CSS-based design templates form, buttons, navigation and other components for your website. These elements can be embedded in Simbla with no need of installation. Simbla is SEO friendly, meaning that its sites are HTML5 based-content you insert on your site is recognized as text. Added advanced tools provided by this feature are a site map generated by Simbla, metadata (description data and keywords), friendly URL and the ability to sync with Google Analytics.

In case you were wondering if Simbla is a safety environment for your business you should know that one of its priorities is your business information security. It uses the most advanced security standards and scores outstanding results when is tested.


If you are ready to start using Simbla as your business website builder, you should know that, unlike some other website builders out there, Simbla is proud to offer a free package without a time-limited trail. It also has a paid plan which gives you more storage and bandwidth than a free plan. You can choose one of its 4 packages: Starter which costs $6/month and gives you the ability to connect your domain, Basic which costs $12/month has the removal of Simbla branding, Advanced which costs $18/month and Pro for $24/month.


Simbla is an amazing, easy-to-use and intuitive way to edit your website. You can easily customize your page by choosing different intros, headers, content areas, contact sections and footer layouts. If you were wondering about colors, you should know that with Simbla you can color any element except photographs. You can also change the color of any text element by clicking on it, choosing edit or clicking on the paintbrush icon, and then selecting the color. Editing the page elements offers you the chance to create any type of site you can think of. You can drag as many content sections onto a page as needed, and you can customize the images and text of each one. You can stack, drag, and reorder them, making it easy to build exactly the layout you want for a site. If you are one of those who likes to fine-tune their website and handcraft every aspect of it, you might find it useful that Simbla makes it possible for you to adjust things like line-height of text, width and height of images and also rotate them.

Simbla offers up an online knowledge base that leads users through the basics of website creation and a contact form for those who need further help.


Simbla is a simple, easy-to-use website maker with a lot of potential that brings beautiful to life and help you obtain the website of your dreams. It offers enough tools to get you online quickly and with minimum effort. Either you are non-professional user or an advanced one, Simbla is perfect for you. Beginners can use the Easy Mode which will make them get a website up and running in no time and professionals will definitely enjoy the editing options available in Pro Mode and the JavaScript/ CSS editor. With free and super-affordable plans, they provide a high-quality product packed with features everyone needs, making it possible for you to customize and refine your site unlike any other website creator because of its extremely appreciated drag & drop tool. Not only are Simbla sites SEO-friendly, they are user-friendly, easy to use, and easy to build. In case you want to see their results before starting using it, you can check out sites created by Simbla, such as Mybusiness CRM, The Design Booth Creative, StreetCat and Hamaratli Textiles. If you want a no-hassle way to build an elegant website, Simbla Website Builder is definitely a good choice. Go ahead and try it out!



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