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Bhartiya City – City of Joy – Advertising Campaign Map

Working with Wieden + Kennedy, New Delhi Rod Hunt has recently completed this advertising campaign map illustration for Bhartiya City, Bangalore India. Rod worked extensively from the architectural plans, CAD drawings & 3D visualizations of the new development to create the illustration.

Crazy amounts of detail again! View an enlarged version here

Bhartiya City is the single largest urban development within the limits of any Indian metropolitan area. The 125-acre design, located in North Bangalore, India, will provide a fully-integrated mix of residential, retail, hospitality and Special Economic Zone uses, as well school, healthcare and sports facilities, making it the first of its kind in India.

The new integrated township is spread over 125-acres of land and it has 8 districts which bring together houses in various formats, work segments consisting a large IT SEZ and Financial District, shopping district and a high street, hotels, hospital, school.












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