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Better results come with better tools

When making a web design project, you sometimes feel the need of extra features and options that will help you in doing it better and more efficiently. The next tools will provide you exactly what you want when working. 



Ultimatum is a framework that you can use to build a custom WordPress theme from scratch. It is a software that takes care of your theme coding and make sure all functions works properly. Thus, it is perfect for beginners, helping them to create their desired designs, using a really simple and efficient drag and drop method. The builder lets you create your own layouts, boxed width, full width, custom dimensions and to add whatever widgets you wish. You can drag and drop elements directly in the header or the footer sections in your template. But, in case you wish your design looks professional, you have to put some effort and make use of the Ultimatum CSS editors.

Besides its facility given by this method, the builder has a lot of cool features to help users have the best experience. It has a responsive design, reason why it is mobile friendly, custom post types, ten menu scripts, providing you with 10 different menus, custom widgets, child theme support or lots of premium plugins included, that you are invited to try by joining their community!




If you’re doing any kind of web development, JavaScript programming or web design then you should hear about Browserling. It’s an online service that lets you cross-browser test your websites interactively in all the web browsers in seconds.

We have to say that it’s a new service but it’s the best tool we’ve used for cross-browser testing. The other day my blog readers started reporting an issue with our website in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, I quickly jumped into Browserling and found and fixed the error in like 30 seconds. How cool is that?

Browserling focuses on doing everything in one or two clicks and making it super easy to test. It has a feature called Bug Hunter that lets you send website bug reports with one click. It has its own browser extension that lets you start testing in one click. It has bookmarklets for bookmarking browsers and accessing them from your bookmarks with two clicks, etc. It’s amazingly simple to use.

Try it out!


Instapage 1

For all of you who were looking for an efficient tool for creating landing pages, Instapage is the perfect choice! By using it, you can construct and optimise your landing page campaign with ease. Marketing professionals for all over the domains can use Instapage to better engage visitors and help them turn into customers. Singing up for an account on Instapage is a piece of cake, especially because no credit card is required.

Next, to create your page, you have a few options to choose from. You can either start with a blank canvas and build everything as you like, or you can choose a pre-built template. Templates are divided in some categories: lead generation, click through, webinar pages, mobile app, and thank you pages. The best part is that Instapage offers 80+ great templates to start with, that you can discover if you sign up on their site.

Try it and you will be more than happy !



Taking into consideration all the varied, complex features it provides (for example Account Pages and Font Icons), MVP Ready is an useful tool for anyone who is looking for a modern way to organize their ideas and their work. Also,  the design of the themes is attractive and will definitely draw attention to your project. Furthermore, all your users will be well-informed about everything you post (as they will receive regular notifications). Lastly, all your work will be less stressful, faster and easier and the much anticipated success will surely come sooner.


unnamed (1)

Shrink the Web is the best thumbnail provider, a website that lets you capture website screenshots. The most interesting part are their exclusive pro features(available for paid memberships). They include features like inside page, full page, custom size or widescreen captures and URL-to-PDF conversion. You can also choose a free account in the first time to try the site but they have a great team support for their users and for any misunderstanding. Shrink the Web is a highly reliable and scalable service and the best thumbnail provider out there.



PowerMockup lets you use wireframes and shapes directly into your PowerPoint presentation making them more interactive using animations and links as well. It is also used by numerous international companies because it can be used by anyone(it has a simple system of drag and drop:you drag the shape that you want and drop it into your presentation)wether they have or haven’t coding and design skills. Even though their library is quite large, you can create your own shapes in order to build a custom library that you can share with other people.

7. Themify Ultra


Ultra is the most talked-about theme from Themify so far, having many pros. It uses the drag and drop technique, giving you full control over your site, from header to footer. You have many options to choose from that will help the aspect of your site, for example a good amount of pre-designed builder layouts.


unnamed (1)

TeslaThemes is everyone’s choice because of the big variety of WordPress themes. It offers you the possibility to easily build any kind of websites. Also, their themes are fast, light and are based on a solid framework which is easy to use. Besides this, they have set up guides, extensive documentation and many updates.



ThemeTrust has been developing elegant and SEO friendly WordPress templates since long, but they’ve made a killing when creating the Create Theme. One of the best parts of this theme is that it allows you to insert unlimited parallax sections with your pages where you have to add row, upload image from PC and select “parallax” option. In this way visitors can see moving image while scrolling through the page and still it is maintained the good speed and scrolling smoothness.



Whether you’re starting an online business or launching a blog, you should totally use SnapPages. They have a nice team support that helps you with any misunderstanding and it easy to use providing a lot of features like social plugins, spam filtering for comments on blogs, ecommerce, SEO integration in order for your website to be more easy to find by other people, cloud hosting and works on tablets and mobiles as well. You can choose between two accounts, but, for the first time, you can also try a 14 day trial. It is a great way to start a site if you want it to be modern and professional as well as stylish.



MH Themes is one of the biggest providers of high-quality premium magazine themes for WordPress. Their themes have many downloads and are known for their amazing features, helpful options and great custom widgets included to create nice magazine like websites in no time. Furthemore, they are translation-ready and also support RTL languages.


This being said, by using any of these tools or services, you will find the perfect way to further develop your company or project.


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