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The Best Tools For Creating a Classifieds Website

Owning a classified website is a great way to make money without having to put in much work. In truth, the part where you’ll have to put in the largest amount of work is when setting up the website.

When creating a classifieds website there are a number of things you should take into consideration: how easy it will be for your visitors to find classifieds they’re interested in, how easy it will be for you to manage the posts that go on your website or how you’ll handle the issue of payment. Luckily, there are a number of tools available that will make the process of setting up your own classifieds website a breeze.

1. WPAdverts


Brought to you by the same team behind WPJobBoard and WPHelpDesk, WPAdverts is a WordPress plugin that can transform your website into a professional classifieds site in no time. WPAdverts is probably the best way to go about setting up your classifieds website. You can install it like any other WordPress plugin and it will work seamlessly with both a new or already existing blog. Once you’ve set up your shortcodes you’ll be able to start running your site like a pro. Adverts is fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and it will work with every theme, provided that theme is properly coded. What’s more, Adverts is integrated with a number of third party plugins like Yoast SEO or Jetpack. One of the best things about WPAdverts is that it has a modular built. It’s actually a bundle of multiple modules and you have complete freedom to activate or deactivate each one of them as you see fit. Also, Adverts comes with all the features you need built in and you will be able to define how much your classifieds website can do on your own. If you’re a developer, you’ll be happy to know that WPAdverts is written following the WordPress coding practices closely and it’s thoroughly documented. This will give you freedom to extend it with hooks and filters easily. Last, but not least, Adverts offers a support system that is guaranteed to answer your questions in less than 24 hours. Take a look at their demo right now.

2. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin


Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin was, until recently, one of the most popular options for creating a classifieds website. This plugin is simple to use and provides you with all the basic features for creating a classifieds website. The standard package includes features for creating ads, managing notifications and payments. If you find yourself in need of any additional features, you can purchase the addons you require straight from Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. This product has been around for a while and it has amassed an impressive community of users. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin provides support for all its users and makes the installation process seamless.

3. osclass


osclass is an open source classifieds script that will help you create your own classifieds website in a few simple steps. Using this tool you will be able to start advertising jobs, real estate, cars and more in just a few minutes. What you have to do in order to get your website running is this: first go to osclass and download their latest release. Then, upload the files to your server. After that, go to your website through your browser and follow the installation instructions. Finally, customize your website with templates and plugins provided by osclass. Creating your classifieds page can be this easy. osclass is now available in 5 different languages, so you’ll be able to target a wider audience. If you find yourself in need of any help, you can request premium support from an osclass expert that will answer all your questions.

4. OpenClassifieds


OpenClassifieds is an open source PHP script that can help you set up your classifieds website in minutes. You will have access to the whole source code and you are free to customize it as you see fit. OpenClassifieds provides you with full social integration for websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You will have access to a powerful management tool that will make it easy for you to always have an overhead on the ads you’re running. By building your website with OpenClassifieds you can be sure that it will be fully responsive and easy to use regardless of device. OpenClassifieds has multiple payment methods integrated, like PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin or PayMill. What’s more, it offers advanced SEO features that will help your website get higher rankings on search engine results.

5. ClassifiedEngine


ClassifiedEngine is a WordPress theme dedicated to classifieds websites. This theme was designed with monetizing ads in mind. It will provide you with simple, straight-forward user experience that will keep your clients happy. ClassifiedEngine also comes with powerful built-in design tools that will help you create stunning, memorable visuals on your website. Using this theme you can be assured that your classifieds page will stand out from the crowd. ClassifiedEngine also features the following extensions: PayPal Express, Ad Roll, Ad Alert, Ad Map, Custom Fields, Mailing and much more.

6. ClassiCraft


ClassiCraft is a flexible, robust WordPress theme that can help you create your own classifieds website. This theme looks amazing and was developed to be easily navigable. Your visitors will be able to find their bearings easily on your page and set out to look for the ads they’re interested in. You can add your ads in two types of listing views, either in a slider of featured ads or straight into the list. ClassiCraft comes with a built-in Ad Submission Payment System that will make it easy for you to collect revenue. What’s more, ClassiCraft comes with 8 unique colour styles and is fully responsive. Check it out right now.

7. ClassiAds


ClassiAds is a well detailed and documented WordPress theme that will surely put your classifieds website on the map. It has the best rated support you’ll find and testimonials from clients are amazing. You will be able to customize every aspect of this theme’s appearance starting with an unlimited colour palette, the option to hide/show category blocks and the possibility to switch between view modes. ClassiAds comes with a bundle of features like Google Maps integration, PayPal integration, bbPress plugin and more. The entire theme is 100% responsive and the management system for ads is easy to understand and use. Take a look at ClassiAds right now and see what it can do.

8. Yclas


Yclas is an online platform that you can use in order to create your classifieds website. Yclas offers you access to a bundle of features developed especially with classifieds websites in mind, so you can be sure that it has the tools to supply your every need. Yclas is SEO friendly, has an easily customizable payments section and is translation ready. Also, Yclas websites are fully responsive and have a varied array of templates for you to choose from. You will also be able to customize the design of any template you choose. The Yclas admin panel lets you easily and quickly manage all your ads and always keep a good overhead on everything that’s happening on your website.

9. SOFA Front Post


SOFA Front Post is the perfect plugin for creating a basic classifieds website. Add SOFA Front Post to your page and you’ll instantly have access to what you need in order to get your classifieds website running. This plugin supports custom widgets, can be integrated into any theme, offers users a custom search and more. Check SOFA Front Post out and see how well it suits your needs. Get in touch with their 24/7 support in case you hit any roadblock along the way.



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