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Halloween Week: Best Halloween Pumpkins You’ll Find

Here’s our second topic on Halloween Week on Top Design Magazine and it can be perfectly summed up by one word: pumpkins.

There are a number of ways you can go about integrating pumpkins into your Halloween. First off, by going with the orange colour scheme that seems to be the most popular available for Halloween decorations, you are taking an important step towards showing your allegiance to Team Pumpkin. Second off, the nigh official drink of the season is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, so you’d do well to stock up on that. Then there’s carving actual pumpkins and giving them their rightful places of honor amongst the sinister montage that you create for your house or party.

But there’s also a different way. You can choose to stand out from the crowd and use your pumpkins in a special and original way and we’ve gathered up some of the best suggestions of how to do exactly that. Let us know what other devious ideas you’ve come up with.

Googly eyes and painting skills will help you turn your pumpkin into Halloween-themed characters such as bats, witches and zombies.


Turn your pumpkins into doughnuts, because there is really no other way in which to make them better.


Complicated sharpie drawings, for the more artistically inclined.


Simple sharpie drawings, for all us simple folk.


Character drawings, we’ve touched on this with the googly eyes, but, honestly, with a little skill and imagination, you can take it to a whole different level.


Simple and effective scary messages straight on your pumpkin.


Glamour pumpkins, ‘nuff said.


Creative painting designs, you can mix spring and autumn however you see fit right on your pumpkin.


Melted wax, add for that extra horror effect.


Paper book pumpkin, what better use can you find for that copy of Twilight you’re ashamed to admit you own?


Melted crayons, colourful and creative


The examples we’ve shown you so far are one way to go about it, but they are obviously just an alternative to the more widespread tradition of carving one’s pumpkin and trust us when we say, people have gotten pretty creative when it comes to that as well. Everything is fair game for the most skilled pumpkin carvers out there, from films, to cartoons, books, a little pie humor and even computer games, nothing is too complicated or too foreign for these guys. And, can we just say: keep on the good work.

Check out our selection of some of the most amazing carvings we’ve found and give us a heads up about your findings on Facebook.

Nightmare before Christmas.


Fairy themed carving, yes, that is Tinkerbell, but you’re free to choose your own fairy.


Potterhead carvings, for all Harry Potter fans everywhere.


For all you Pokemon Fans as well.


Don’t forget the Minions.


Plain, old nasty face, magnificently executed though.


Fish tank, because the purple pumpkin wasn’t spectacular enough.


Tetris carving.


Pumpkin PI, pun intended.


A worthy homage, Mrs. Doubtfire.


And the scariest one yet…



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