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Best Black Friday Deals You Can Get

Every year, when Black Friday comes, the internet is filled with many many special offers but which are really the best ones ? In this list, we’ve selected for you exactly THAT BEST DEALS.


If you’re one of those ahead-of-the-trend marketers looking for a top-of-the-line, professional tool to create landing pages, look no further than Instapage. Their user-friendly, drag and drop editor allows any marketer, designer, or design team to build stunning landing pages in a matter of minutes — no code or design knowledge needed. Plus, mobile responsive pages are a breeze because every page you create is already mobile responsive.

With over 80 templates and more than 20 marketing integrations like, WordPress, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Facebook to choose from, publishing and syncing your pages is now easier than ever.

Now is the time to try Instapage, because it’s available now for a 45-day free trial. All users can build unlimited pages, generate unlimited traffic, and publish to unlimited domains. When your trial expires you can upgrade to Basic, Pro, or Premium; which have increasing benefit levels.

Basic users enjoy two live A/B split tests and email support. Pro users get all ‘Basic’ benefits plus full HTML editing, unlimited A/B testing, read-only team members, chat and email support, and the option to import their own template. Premium users get access to everything; included the ‘Pro’ benefits package plus, a template review, Webhooks integration, and advanced 24/7 phone, chat, and email support.

Instapage is the perfect choice for no matter your skill level. If you’re serious about building professional landing pages that convert to leads and sales, Instapage is the smartest decision you can make. Start your free 45-day trial today!



Every day is Black Friday at MyDesignDeals, but this bundle is truly something special.

You’ll get 45 killer fonts, plus hundreds of bonus freebies like vectors, layer styles, and much more. Everything in this deal includes extended licensing, so you can even use them in templates you create for resale in your own shop.

On top of all that, webfonts are also included so you can easily incorporate these typefaces into your website projects.

Normally, you’d be stuck paying $1,186 to get everything in this deal. For a short time, you can have it all for just $39. That’s 97% off the regular price.

These deals are limited time offers, so don’t let this one pass by without at least checking out everything inside.




Anybody can capture website screenshots if they use Shrink the Web, a really great website with which you can capture, crop, shrink, save, upload or display them automatically with only a screenshot plugin or a single line of code that you have to copy then paste into the bar situated on the homepage of the website. It is the best thumbnail provider out there and it has a great team support that can help you with any misunderstanding that you may have , but it is also really easy to install and to integrate.

With a basic, plus or enterprise account and a few dollars a month you can create a mix of pro features, the principal attraction of the website. Their features include full-length, inside page captures, wide screen, custom size or custom quality, a well requested feature, URL to PDF conversion as well as their miscellaneous features like custom delay.

Try it and you will never let it go !



Bugherd is, as they describe themselves, ‘the world’s simplest bug tracker’, with their point and click interface. Their users are very excited when talking about this service, having nothing to complain and being sure that will continue to use it for their future websites. A few of their leading sentences are ‘There is no “I” in team’ and ‘A screenshot is worth 100 emails’. These perfectly describe their attitude on working on debugging on a website as a part of a team. Easy and performant, Bugherd is amazing.

Bugherd is just $5 per user, per month and you can also get a free trial period, of 14 days.


Themify Ultra

Themify is going crazy with a massive 40% discount on all themes, plugins, addons, and Club memberships (excluding Lifetime Master). If you want to join Lifetime Master club, here is a good time as they are giving $100 off the Lifetime Master. On top of the promotion, they are giving away an iPad Mini. Simply send a tweet to enter the iPad contest (read this post for more details:



With Opinion Stage you can easily engage your audience with Polls, Quizzes and more. It’s really easy to use and results come fast, in no more than a few minutes.

They have an awesome Black Friday offer : get 25% off all premium plans with this code: BlackFriday25%.



This deal will definitely come in handy to all busy web developers and designers who could use some help with their responsive markup projects. The leading PSD to HTML company, PSD2HTML®, is offering 20% off on new responsive HTML5/CSS3 orders. Just use this code – N2134I84.

Hurry, the offer expires on December 12, 2015!



ElegantThemes is, probably, well-known for their generally colourful with wonderful contrast themes, appreciated by over 300,000 users. It offers over 80 unique professional themes, their latest and most complex one being Divi 2.5. It is a great starting point for creating your website, coming along with 18 pre-made layouts and a truly efficient builder.

Right now, they are offering 25% discount ! Enter their website and go for the offer !


9. Flyzoo

If you want to identify and chat with the potential customers of your website in order to increase your sales Flyzoo is the best app for that providing also a feature called Advanced User List that can be customized and other features like file sharing and API integrations.

Get your free trial period and see how awesome this tool is !



If you are experiencing problems with your online shop, we have found the perfect solution for you. Darwin Pricing has just introduced a new app that can keep online shoppers updated in real-time. Since people are a huge fan of comparing prices, with this app you could obtain the best price for your products, thus increasing your profit by more than 50%!

You can get their services for only $9.95/mo instead of the regular price of $480/mo !



You can now rock your creative projects and interfaces using IconsFlow, a tool with which you can start creating lovely icons without any photoshop or illustrator skills. You can upload your icons,  and you can even export them in SVG, ICO and PNG formats without losing their quality or size as we now how important is a well-designed icon for an application or a layout.

Get a premium plan for just $0,75/month (yearly plan) with this code: BlackFriday2015


12. Mockplus

If you want wireframes and mockups for your website and desktop or mobile apps, Mockplus is the best choice. Easy & simple to create prototyping within several minutes with a very low learning curve, as no coding & programming required. By means of a rich libraries of components and icons, you can build a prototype rapidly. With simple drag-and-drop operation, you can link your interactive pages clearly.

Try it and you will be very happy with it !

Using any of the above tools and services you will take your projects to a whole new level !


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