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Awesome Design Sketches Made For Various Web Projects

Before you start working on a web project, the first logical step is making the sketches for it. This not only helps the analyst for having a better understanding of the overall project and to create the specification, but it also helps the entire team to visualize the final product. The sketch will be a raw model of the product and in time it will be polished until everything is exactly how it must be, starting from the components and all the way to the business flow. In this article you can see a collection of design sketches made for various web projects. These sketches can help you understand how a designer creates one and also what you need to add in it.


Web Sketch

Cassette Player Project Sketch


Map on hover

Bermuda Triangle Site Organization

Sketch the mocks


Librespeak Interface Sketch

Landing Page Sketch

Vimeo Profile Page Idea

Icon set

Person final notes

Dobot 404 Sketch

Moving menu options



Sketched Wireframe




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