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Awesome Collection Of Illustrations Created From Thousands Of Small Pictures

Today we want to present you a very interesting collection of illustrations created over the last couple of months and published in various media around the world. These illustrations were made like a puzzle, inserting thousands of small pictures to create a big image.

Charis Tsevis, the author, is a visual designer of Greek origin, based in Athens. He serves global clients including Toyota, IKEA, Best Buys, TIME, Fortune, WIRED, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

His work has been awarded at Epica, NPSA and ED-Awards in the US and Europe. Charis Tsevis has studied design and advertising in Milan and Athens and he now teaches Typography and Editorial Design at AKTO College, Greece. He frequently contributes to prominent publications with articles on design theory, aesthetics and cyberculture.


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