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Avoiding Over Design – 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overwhelm Your Website Visitors with Design

The importance of creativity in website design is largely overrated. No don’t get me wrong. Creativity is of importance, but it is not the only factor that determines whether the website is going to be successful or not. You can’t fool website visitors into thinking that they have landed up on a good website, just by bombarding them with striking visuals.

What they are looking for is a superlative site that is a coming together of both form and functionality.  Here are 5 reasons why website visitors do not appreciate a website that only offers those striking visuals and nothing else.

They Don’t Like a Visual Assault on Their Senses

Don’t take my word for it, but talk to some other experienced designers and also talk to a few eye specialists. When you see bright colors, images, and all sorts of design elements starting at you from a limited space, you are bound to feel a bit disoriented. Now, juxtapose this scenario to that of a website that use all kinds of striking visuals to attract the attention of website visitors. But, instead of attracting attention, it is doing something completely the opposite. It will distract and disorient the visitors. Nobody likes being swamped by visuals, when they are searching for information. Remember the old maxim – Too much of a good thing is always bad.

Visitors are also looking for Function

Visitors are not looking for a website that is purely based on form. They are looking for functionality and features from a website, through which they can optimize the use of their website and get the kind of information that they are searching for. They do not appreciate a site that puts form over function as it makes their search for information all that more difficult.

They just don’t have the time to appreciate Visuals

Website visitors are usually in a hurry. All they are looking for, from a website is that it can offer them the information they are looking for quickly and conveniently. These are the kind of sites that will leave them with a feeling of satisfaction. Why only focus on the visual element, when visitors do not have the time to look at them? Wouldn’t this be a real waste of time on your part, as a designer?

It looks unprofessional

Over design doesn’t look professional. This is the truth. Pure and Simple; if you look at some of the more successful websites out there, you will find that the focus is always on looking professional. A professional design doesn’t have numerous visual elements assailing the website visitors.   It uses visuals that promote the website message clearly and with impact. The visuals might even be minimalist, but if they are able to bring out the information of the website to the forefront, they work for the user.

Creates Clutter

Some designers focus on overdesign because they want to ensure that the website appears busy. But because they have used too many design elements, all that the design ends up looking is cluttered. When a visitor comes to the website, they aren’t too impressed by what they see, in spite of the designer having made the effort to ensure that the design stands out. In such cases, the various design elements stick out like sore thumbs and visitors feel that the designers had absolutely no idea of what they were doing.

At the end of the day, using too much design only leads to a situation wherein the bounce rates of the website increases. This means that the website doesn’t experience too many conversions, leading to website owners getting very poor returns on investment. This is why the focus should always be on ensuring that the design encourages credibility and is able to push forward the purpose of the website. Nothing else matters.



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Hazel Raoult loves all things website design and works for PLAVEB as a web designer, a leading web design company based in Los Angeles, California that offers HTML5 Development along with other design services. She not only loves web design but also likes sharing her opinions, suggestions and ideas about website designing to help people optimize the use of its various tools and techniques.


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