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Argento Luxury as the best way to build Magento website.

Does your website allow for the best customer experience possible? Not yet? Perhaps you are still not Argento user.

“What’s that?” you can ask.

Argento theme

Argento is the best Magento theme 2017 and not the only time. Since 2013 it have become very popular in the Magento community for a variety of features. This is due to  many included modules with extended functionality.

A complete list of options will be shown later in this post.

Well, let’s focus on key factors for Argento success:

  • Responsive design. And furthermore, the template was built under Google Accelerated Mobile Pages rules. Argento creates the perfect representation of the mobile devices for any e-commerce store.
  • Argento comes with 20 feature-rich Magento modules in a package.
  • Compatible with Magento Community or Enterprise Edition.
  • 6 amazing Magento theme designs are available. All of them will showcase the products in an engaging way. Users can choose from Flat, Pure & Pure 2, Argento, Mall and Luxury.

So now you know why Argento is still trending today.

Well, if we’re talking trends, how about new design for website template?

Luxury trend

Luxury theme is possible to consider the modern website design 2017. New design is a fine addition to Magento premium template.

When it comes to the latest web design techniques, the Argento Luxury theme is dealing well with them. New design approach shows visitors you understand their needs on a deeper level. It helps you to give the interested users a simple way to move forward and proceed to buy.

These are the most important benefits that your customers will appreciate:

1. In terms of the latest web design trends, Argento Luxury has the card design homepage layout, overlapping text, and images; custom typography; bold lettering; intuitive forms and icons; big and beautiful images. The use of large image blocks makes the theme elegant and easy to navigate. The bold type makes the design easy to scan.

2. The Luxury design sticks with a neutral color scheme with light pastel highlights. It makes the products images get grabbed the users’ attention right away. The de-cluttered interfaces highlight the special content without overpowering the web pages. That allows visitors to personalize at once what they shop online.

3. The overall design is much easier to navigate through. The Luxury theme includes many well-proven navigational elements. These are attractive blocks with categories and subcategories with images placed along top categories links; multi-level dropdowns in navigation menu; additional suggestions as keywords, categories, product images, CMS pages directly in search box. It is also a sticky header that allows users always be in touch with the navigation menu.

4. Luxury homepage design relies on useful and attractive card UI pattern. That way it is easy to show a lot of content on a screen at once. Among benefits for customers you can see the language switcher in a header and store view switcher in the footer; new arrivals block with products listing; a discount banner; a brands’ slider; the additional text block about the store where you can place SEO text or information about the products. And, more than that, whatever is on the homepage, is powered by 9 custom modules.

5. The Luxury category page has grid-based structure. Using streamlined category page interfaces, the visitors can scan what’s particularly appealing to them. You can see the improved overall design of side boxes; the layered navigation block; the product labels; fantastic icons for a cart, wishlist and compare elements; testimonials listing listing. The hover effect will help customers to see the product details without even having any click. Three custom modules help to structure the Luxury category page.

6. The Luxury design does the most to highlight the product advantages while users are experiencing the product page. Argento theme includes some tools that are known for building a precisely designed product page. Using 7 custom modules, you can add the product tabs with dynamic content; show product labels; place Facebook like section; display the blocks with related items viewed or bought together with a particular item; show the product images in Magento lightbox popup; give to search engines the important information to display in search result snippets; show color swatches.

That’s it. Let’s finish this off with the most exciting part of the post.

Argento Luxury is also the on of best Magento 2 templates. The stunning design is worth the websites that provide a good user experience. Focusing on visual and intuitive communication with visitors, this responsive Magento 2 theme provides a creative approach to meeting the needs of demanding customers.

Summing up

Providing exceptional customer experience, you need to consider the user’s expectations or in other words the website usability. You have to craft the perfect website design and to make it responsive to help your website come first in search rank.

If you still ask yourself how to choose Magento/ Magento 2 theme, the question becomes irrelevant. And if you’re not the best designer around, look at Argento Luxury template. It’s tempting to try.


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