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Amazing Apple Concepts

Apple was and is a pioneer in the field of high tech computers, phones and music players. These concepts were made by guys with an amazing feel of what will be manufactured in the near future, I would say. 

Apple IView By Nuno Teixeira

IView is a panoramic screen with a unique curvature accompanying the natural eye curvature and movement.

Transparent iMac By Adam Benton.

This is really an amazing futuristic concept. It has an amazing transparent 30-inch display and a wireless keyboard with light-sensitive illuminated keys.


When an Audi meets Apple, it results a high tech car. From the big screen you can control the car’s special features.

MacMini Slider By Upscale Swagger

This Mac netbook concept comes with a great feature. The huge touchpad panel can slide down to reveal a keyboard. Very useful concept.

Apple TriBook By Mark R

This is the best laptop someone who work in the field of design can buy in the future. It will be expensive but when your computer is your main tool to make money, it’s worth it.

iVision By Mac|Life

With these glasses your view will be like in a video game.

iWish By Planet Matt

Great concept from Planet Matt, that combines  a phone, GPS unit, camera, TV-tuner, projector, gaming console, media-player, umpc, scanner, RFID, universal remote, flashlight, laserpointer, and more.


With this gadget you can wirelessly store all your music, photos, TV and movies.

MacTablet Glass

An Apple Tablet that has an translucent keyboard.


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