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Amazing And Rare Hollywood Actors Photography

We all must thanks to New Zealand-born artist Stephen Jerrome for these great photos.He has been a writer, photographer and musician living in Los Angeles most of his adult life. In the last few years, new written work—numerous plays, screenplays, and two novels to be self-published this year—has been pouring out at a prolific rate. His most recent screenplay (the ninth) was inspired by a month-long trip to China in April of 2010. One other, a big-canvas period drama titled The Grand Piano, is currently under exclusive option to Flick Features in the UK.

As a much-published photographer, exciting photo assignments around the world have added to a diverse portfolio that includes celebrity parties, the Hollywood art and nightclub scene, as well as portraits shot in his studio. Stephen’s art and landscape photography has appeared in numerous books (including the cover image of Avant Gardeners, Thames & Hudson, 2008), and in magazines as recent as a two-page spread in the June 2010 issue of Sunset.


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