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Absolutely Fabulous Icons

These icons I found on internet represent the best of the best. You can easily tell that were made by very talented graphic designers and you must admit that these icons look fantastic. Imagine a web project that contains some of these.

Don’t forget that when working with high quality icons, are pluses and minuses. The minuses are represented by the problems you might have integrating with your layout. You can’t just put these great icons in a poor designed website. It’s like having a great pc case with an damn old, slow computer. So, it’s not something like plug&play. You must think very well the whole website project.

Also, have in mind that some of these icons are only allowed for personal use. I suggest you to always read the license before using something you find free on the internet.

My Secret — Lazycrazy

Containers Icons — VistaIcons

Safari Set — Pixel Resort

NES Icons — Ahuri

Peppers — Kluke

Chinese Wind — Kidaubis

Chinese Bronze Age — Nangeyi

Yoritsuki — HybridWorks

Islamic Icons — Ademmm

Realty Icons — Vlademareous


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