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7 Often ignored SEO tasks that can boost your SEO

Today, over 50% of the world’s population has access to the internet, which means there is quite a large audience base for your content, regardless of the industry you are in. SEO can make or break your brand online. Every activity you take part in dictates the kind of attention you receive for your marketing messages and how prominent your brand becomes.

Internet users are increasing by the day, and so are websites. If you are not doing something extra for your site, you are risking the chance to outshine your competitors by earning the top spot on search engines and attracting a loyal audience-base. This article will show you some of the frequently overlooked SEO tasks that can take you to the next level.


Over time, video content has increased in prominence with audiences demanding for more visual content than ever before. YouTube channel has since gained a lot of popularity for video type of material. Still, video marketing is not yet being given enough credit as an SEO technique, with most brushing it off as tedious and time-consuming, you might be missing out on a great opportunity because reports show that audiences would rather watch a video about something instead of reading it.

Without putting too much pressure on yourself, identify niche topics in your industry that you are well conversant in and create a video about it, then embed it in your website and on social media platforms. To receive more traction on your videos, be sure to make them of good quality and with content worth watching. You can choose to take a piece of work on your site that performed well on SERP, then, make a video of it.

Skyscraper content

Skyscraper content is a juicy SEO tip that has long been used by digital and content marketers. It is all about searching for popular copies within your industry, those that have performed well on search engines, and improving them.

Get your keyword research on point and identify a couple of popular keywords in your niche, then find your competitors and determine how they have used these keywords. Ideally, you will spot pieces of work capitalizing on those keywords that have performed well on SERP.

Your goal should be to come up with a much better content piece that can gain more traction than did the original post, carefully eluding plagiarism and duplication of content. Once you have done this, you must widely share the content among your circles.

Optimizing landing pages

Landing pages are great informers to both search engines and target audiences. The information you provide on your landing pages determines whether or not your audience will keep searching for content on your website or immediately leave.

Knowing that bounce rates have a negative impact on your SERP, you want to optimize your landing pages to keep your target audience on your page longer. You must determine the goal for each of your web pages, this way, you can push that message across and relevantly feature as a response to people’s searches for a particular query.

Let your landing pages be relevant concerning keywords used, clear on call-to-action and optimal as to matters user experience.


Images are a fundamental part of SEO best practice. Infographics, however, take the visualization aspect further along, by incorporating data to convey information. They provide a summary of what should be entailed in the long-form content and are the best way to increase the shareability of a piece of work.

When creating infographics, you must ensure that the fonts you use are clear and large enough to avoid straining the audience. Infographics are an ideal way to convert complex content into an easy-to-understand format. If you are having a hard time creating one, research to find old infographics in your industry that you can update and polish, then weigh out the audience response to them so you can get better at it.

Creating your keywords and phrases

Keyword research is a perfect SEO task because you rank for what the audience needs. However, as a brand, you need to think out of the box and provide more for your audience rather than always relying on what has already been offered to you. If you are keen on social media, you will notice that some brands are great at creating hashtags and ranking for them.

Creating your keyphrases makes you stronger as a brand. Figure out a concept in your niche topics that have not been named and take advantage of it. This can be the primary keyword that you can frequently use in your work. Promote your website for this keyword and watch how fast this task yields results.

Whether or not you think you are doing a great job of optimizing your website, you must keep your options open to embrace tasks that might put you ahead of your competitors. For more on how you can skyrocket your website’s performance on SERP, visit



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